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The purpose of the project is to execute a complete design & development of a professional website for your business venture. This cutting edge website will feature all the elements, functions, and specifications as will be in the forth coming mock-ups.

Despite the evident complexity and depth of a well designed website, the user experience must remain particularly smooth and simple. The design must be high-end, pleasant and clean, creating an atmosphere of confidence and professionalism. Also keep in mind there must be an apparent call to action and clear relationship pathway developed in order to ensure your key metric ‘conversions’ are clearly understood by your team as they test every touch point of the funnel and continue to develop your marketing channel.

1. Preliminary Research and Discovery Phase:

2. Strategic Planning:

3. Web Design ™� Graphic Design Work:

4. Front End Programming:

5. Server-side Development: (Where applicable)

6. Quality Assurance and Launch:

7. SEO, Promotion, Statistics and Reporting: (optional)

Through the above 7 steps process we will deliver all the services designed to exceed your specific expectations and requirments. Once a client of enfusionize™, you will regularly communicate with your project manager, and be constantly involved with the work as well as updated on the team’s progress.

Each step of the process is supported by the appropriate documentation and will go through its own QA process. Your team will fully approve each phase.