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LiveStreaming Event Sales Funnel Copy


This package provides copy for your LIVEStream event incorporating registration/opt-in, thank you and then offer page, upsell page and replay page copy.


Registration/Opt-in page copy, describing benefits of attending, enticing them to register.

Thank You for Registering page copy, giving details of the livestream event.

Copy for the Offer Page, where we will describe the bundle of goods offered (TBD), benefits, and relate them to demonstrations done in the event stream, if applicable.

Copy for Upsell page, where we introduce the benefits of a higher-pricepoint offering/bundle (TBD).

Copy for Thank You page, where customers will be thanked and informed about how and when their goods will be delivered.

Copy for Replay page–this will be combine the offer page with the recorded version of the lifestream. Mainly just modifications to copy, unless there is something we decide to change for better conversion.