Strategic Marketing Intelligence Blended
With Technical Sophistication™

*Sales Funnel



Your Sales Funnel and Relationship Pathway (Marketing Funnel) will bring you the results and exposure you know that’s possible with increased product sale revenue and an expanding targeted list. We’ll create the funnel with you and take your copy and images to implement the build out of the funnel, connecting it to your shopping cart so that interested prospects soon become engaged clients and quickly turn into raving fans.

This intelligently designed sales funnel will be built for conversions and responsively driven, meaning it will serve the right message/layout on any device it is viewed on. We will also work directly with you to ensure that we are able to develop the necessary conversion triggers for you to create new sales, add value to your list and take your business to the next level. This includes free offer creation strategies for impacting results, scripting on video if desired for impacting opt-in rates as well as us taking a solid look at your products and determining the best way to ensure you are able to make sales, impacting your bottom line and at the same time impacting peoples lives through your transformational work.


– Ideal sales channel for testing offers.
– Perfect funnel for launching products.
– Create your perfect Customer Avatar so that you attract them with grace and ease.
– Fully Integrate your Shopping Cart for ease of communicating between systems.
– Design Marketing Funnel that converts 100% of those that your offer is perfect for.
– Implement Systems that facilitate push-button ease once implemented.
– Consult on and Implement Your Free Offer
– Scripting of your video
– Co-Create your Relationship Pathway (attracting and converting your ideal client and funneling them into your higher-level offers)