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Sales Funnel Copywriting (Long Sales Page)


The Long Form Sales Page includes the Intake Review & Assessment of Ideal Client Avatar, consultations, landing page copy and unlimited sales page copy along with the attendant order page and thank you page copy.


Your funnel page copy draws and attracts the customers you seek to reach and engages them with compelling offers that are so resonant that they click in. This service provides intake and development for 10 + pages (no limit) of copy. It includes:

1) Intake Review & Assessment of Ideal Client Avatar
2) 2-Hour Sales Funnel Consultation–get abundantly clear on details of your ideal client & your offerings
3) Landing Page Copy–gets your ideal clients so interested that they must click & opt in to your email list
4) Unlimited Sales Page Copy–connects with ideal clients and shows the true value of your offerings to them
5) Order Page Copy–compelling description of all benefits that helps them complete the transaction
6) Thank You Page Copy–makes them feel welcome, received & in the right place; tells them their next steps