Strategic Marketing Intelligence Blended
With Technical Sophistication™

**Your Blockbuster Launch: Building Reputation, Increasing Visibility and Creating Financial Success



(For complete break down and explanation see the page entitled launch breakdown continued)

Launch Phase 1: Research, Strategy & Testing


– Multiple split tested marketing sales funnels (this may generate profit)
– Branding Strategy Workshop around your initial sales funnel offerings
– Complete analysis of market research and activity from tested funnels
– Your launch story, based on an inciting event or novel concept that your market will respond to
– A complete psychographic analysis of the ideal client profile (refined client avatar)
– Fully developed and tested marketing plan designed for optimal conversion and ROI
– Initial case studies and testimonial to use in launch

Launch Phase 2: The Big Launch


– All Email Campaigns/Social Media related to launch
– Producing the Launch Videos
– Constructing your Offer
– Brand Integrity Management on all touch-points above throughout the launch
– Webinars
– Teleseminars (JV)
– Live WebCast
– Shopping Cart Integration
– Infusionsoft Implementation of all campaigns and everything related to launch

Phase 3: Cashing In & Preparing For the Next Round


– Develop Post-Launch Strategy and Implement it
– The Launch Process ™�Production Team’
– What Team enfusionize™ is bringing to the table: