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The Challenge

Get the Client Launch Ready

Coaching Leadership Academy was a three-day event in 2013 for coaches and leaders launched by Ted McGrath and his team from RizeGlobal.

For the launch, enfusionize™ was contracted by Internet Sales Experts to create a Landing Page, Sales Page, Order Page, Event Page, and Video Sales Letters (Sales Funnel) and provide the copy. The client had also decided on a new logo—the whole launch required branding around the new colors and aesthetics of the logo—and wanted a new template for the main pages.

The Solution

enfusionize™ and the client agreed on a format for the Sales Page because of the length, design, and efficacy of an existing template. The enfusionize™ Team extracted ideas for copy from the client’s existing material and webinars and Q&A sessions with the client and produced all the page copy for the funnel, the event, and the instructions/directions leading up to the event.

The enfusionize™ Team scripted a completely new Video Sales Letter (VSL) for the client as an alternative to the existing Sales Letter, and a new VSL was recorded.

Development required an iterative process of create/review/revise until the all the details were in place. Original design elements and illustrations added depth, interest, and ease-of-reading qualities to the pages.

This project was an effort of several collaborating teams where enfusionize™ held responsibility for content and design.

The Result

enfusionize™ designed the campaign, and once everything was implemented, programmed into Infusionsoft (the preferred platform) and launched; the event sold out.

Applied services:

  • Sales Funnel and Temp Pages
  • Copywriting
  • Event Launch
  • Branding


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