Strategic Marketing Intelligence Blended
With Technical Sophistication™

Intelligent Web™ Service in Motion

Our services are based on the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™ that cover every aspect of your online presence. Keep reading to understand exactly how the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™ will transform the way you conduct and operate your business online.

Marketing Planning Implementation, Relationship and Partnership Strategy, Vision Campaigns, Mobile Marketing, Live Events, Business Processes, JV Partners/Affiliation

Strategic Intelligence™

Your business is founded on some kind of strategy based on the goals your company wants to achieve. Your first questions should be reflective ones: WHY do you want to take this course of action? WHAT must you do to reach your goals? HOW will you accomplish your goals? WHEN do you calculate the risk margin and make major decisions to go one way or another? WHO is your ideal client (the benefactors of your efforts)?

Your unique strategy provides you with not only a vantage point but the necessary confidence you will need to move forward with laser accuracy to the next level.

If you have yet to plan a successful business strategy, visit the Strategic Intelligence™ Services Section to gain insight on the next steps and frameworks you will need.

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Metrics, A/B Split-Testing, Multivariant Testing Applications. Experimentation Measurement to Improve Performance, Optional and Analytic Reporting, Business Dashboard

Systems Intelligence™

With a strategy in hand, you now have to understand how to bring your business to life. Our Systems Intelligence™ will provide a Blueprint for action so you can obtain and assemble the online work spaces, collaborative interfaces, automation and tracking tools, as well as the intel you will require to start reaping measurable results quickly and efficiently.

This way you can not only control and follow all progress, but also design better customer service processes as you monitor your clients’ behavior online. To learn more about the services that will give you the most leverage in an organized and efficient business flow, visit our System Intelligence™ Service Page and discover how you can start operating your business more efficiently.

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Custom Management, e-Commerce, Software Integration Database, System Analytics, Automation Marketing Platform

Brand Intelligence™

Before you launch your business online, you MUST invest time to think about how you will present your business and your great work to the world. Not only visually, but in a way that is congruent and true to who you are and who you want to attract.

If you are looking for an impactful online and off-line presence, from a strong logo design and website identity to fully compelling presentation for your business, trust our Brand Intelligence™ Unit to accurately represent you and your personality according to your target audience. Check our Branding Intelligence™ Services Page now!

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Brand Assets, Positioning Design, Multimedia

Website Intelligence™

After establishing your brand presence, you will require a great website that will work on your behalf 28/7™. (The sheer amount of transactions taking place in your new and profound online ecosystem will feel like time warp!) Your website must be based on the most recent and greatest principles for driving conversions and running efficiently. enfusionize™-designed websites are easy to navigate and structured to convert visitors into clients, in all ways.

We will optimize your newly responsive website for search engines (mobile, Google, bing, Yahoo!, etc.), and you can relax because we will make sure your website is always up-to-date with the latest technologies.

If you require a strong online presence, it starts with your Intelligent Website™ that practically runs your business for you. Visit our Website Intelligence™ Services Pages to learn more about what you must do to bring your business to the next level.

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Copywriting, Social Proof and Testimonials, Conversation Scripting for Video Presentation, Sales/Enrollment Process, Social Media

Conversion Intelligence™

If no one is coming to your site to check out your offers, then there is little role for your website in your business. Conversion Intelligence™ is all about how you generate traffic and translate curiosity into interest and then into sales.

How you capitalize on the traffic coming through your business requires data management: to measure, quantify, segment and target specific customer profiles with tailored messages that respond to their unique inquiries.

Utilizing a series of controls (testing/experiments) that run alongside your marketing campaigns, you can make informed decisions at every touch point (wherever your clients are reading your content) in your Relationship Pathway. You can create videos, presentations, promotions, and much more to leverage interaction in a sequence of steps that continually inspires interaction and consistent top-o-mind awareness for your business or specific product/service.

We know how your website can be leveraged to consistently work for you! Visit our Conversion Intelligence™ Services Page and learn exactly what you can do right now to transform the way you do business online.

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Strategic Vantage Point Toolkit: All Forms of Web Intelligence™, Intellectual Capital Predictive Capability, Fulcrum for Decision Making, Core Supportive Force

Social Intelligence™

Your online presence is a lot less meaningful without the testimonials, comments, and acknowledgements from your tribe of fans and followers. Having an easily accessible and visible social presence puts you safely in the mix of Entrepreneurs who are needing to gain visibility and trust in this very personal but virtual world of online business. In the scheme of things, who knows who, matters.

At enfusionize™, we know it’s not enough just to add the plug-ins and the tags and links to your Social Media accounts. More important is to use Social Media to drive traffic and establish your credibility in your niche.

All your channels of engagement need to be activated and potentiated with branded content that assures your visitors they have come to the right place. This is the essence of Social Intelligence™. Like the right pathways of neural firing that enable you to perceive and decide, the channels of Social Media can “light the way” to your offers and make customers out of your lead-generating presence in the busy world of Social Media.

We know how your social presence can be leveraged to consistently work for you! Visit our Social Intelligence™ Services Page and learn exactly what you can do right now to transform the way you communicate and connect with your audience online.

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Collective Visioning, Unified Purpose, Collective Archivers, Collaborative Excellence

Analytics Intelligence™

The old saying “measure twice, cut once” is how careful analysis can keep your business operations streamlined and efficient. But in the online world of marketing, the analysis has to happen a lot faster than it does on the cutting table. This is where knowing what to look at and how to make adjustments quickly comes in, and that knowledge separates the experts from the amateurs, especially when things get complicated as they do with elaborate Sales Funnels.

A tweak here and a new headline there, a return path email series or—fill in the blank—can make 20, 30, 300% difference in the numbers of your key performance indicators. Using tools like split-testing and multivariate analysis and taking advantage of all the intel your customer relationship software is providing, can add untold thousands to your bottom line, and quickly.

The importance of Analytics Intelligence™ lies not only with the internal analysis you can perform but also with how this intel integrates with your systems, your branding, and your Conversion Intelligence™ in order to optimize overall performance.

We know how your core metrics can be measured, optimized, and leveraged to consistently work for you! Visit our Analytics Intelligence™ Services Page and learn exactly what you can do right now to transform the way you measure your online business.

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Ongoing Relationship/Communication, Personality/Emotion Street Smart, Consistent Use of Voice, Client Engagement, Website Flow, Voice of Online Brand, All Sociability Channel

Collaborative Intelligence™

If two heads are better than one, then what can the power of a small group accomplish? We think it can change the world. And this is why Collaborative Intelligence™ is the unsung hero of your business.

As social creatures, we are programmed to work together, to socialize, to live together, and this essential, but often unrecognized, form of intelligence is what we use to cocreate and partner with you, as though we are part of your inner team, to maximize the potential of your business.

But collaboration doesn’t apply just to people; it applies to your systems as well. Do you have the right feedback loops, plug-ins, return paths, modules, and applications synced seamlessly together, or have you put things together piecemeal so that you have to collect data and intel from different places or just can’t get the analytics you need? When you are fully applying the power of Collaborative Intelligence™, everyone and everything is tightly woven together into a neat and picturesque tapestry so that every potential positive outcome can be realized.

Visit our Collaborative Intelligence™ Services Pages to learn more about what you must do to bring your business to the next level.

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Site Structure, SEO, Optimization, Customization, Maintenance

Information Intelligence™

Information is everywhere! The question is, are you getting appropriate information for making good business decisions in the here and now and for tomorrow? Are you tapping into sources of intel that will assist you to see and understand what you do not yet know? Do you properly know how to create game-changing products with the information you have in your possession? Are you leveraging this to impact your bottom line and transform others at the same time? In the constant sea and swirl of information around us, you want to be able to utilize bits and bytes of information selectively in support of your conscious business goals.

We can assist you to manage what intel you already have and provide you with tools and know-how that can assist you directly to process, discern, and discard so that you can work, teach, and prosper more effectively.

Let Information Intelligence™ consistently leverage the power of your online business. Visit our Information Intelligence™ Services Page and learn exactly what you can do right now to transform the way you increase your Information Intelligence Quotient™ for your online business.

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Web Copy, Blogs, eBooks, Webinars, Teleseminars, Package Products, Images Illustrations

Business Intelligence™

Of all the forms of Web Intelligence™, Business Intelligence™ is the energy and savvy you apply every minute of every day to keep things flowing in a positive direction. It is your reason for doing what you do, because at root, you have a product or service that you believe in. And you offer it up in exchange for something of equal value. That’s your business; that’s your life. You make a market, hone in on your niche, and serve your ideal clientele.

Business Intelligence™ incorporates everything there is to running a successful enterprise: product development, your core offer, branding, pricing, marketing, sales, financing, management, hiring, growth, reading the environment, and knowing yourself. Online, Business Intelligence extends to Social Media, partnerships, alliances, testimonials/social proof, product value, and strategic optimization. Offline, it translates to how you structure your finances, financial deals with partners/vendors, all the way to your relationships in your personal life.

How you intelligently design your business will directly reflect and profoundly impact your personal life. Leveraging your prowess inside Business Intelligence™ assures that you will thrive under any circumstance and head in any direction the day’s intel calls for. That is how your business will impact the lives of others all around you.

We know how to measure, optimize, and leverage your core business so it consistently works for you! We also know how to bring the best of you into your business. Visit our Business Intelligence™ Services Page and learn exactly what you can do right now to transform the way you operate your online business.

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