Enfusionize™/SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE™/Blogging and Social Media Content Campaign Strategy Session

Blogging and Social Media Content Campaign Strategy Session

At enfusionize™, you will receive strategy sessions for monetizing your blogging and Social Media content within your Social Media campaign. This is all part of the Social Intelligence™ Services you get with our company, and it is part of the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™. A $750 value, it is included as a bonus with your Social Media Package.

During your Campaign and Content Strategy Sessions, we will develop a winning formula for your blog, your video blog or Vlog, and for your other Social Media outlets. There are many layers to this:

  • Call-To-Action: Your Call-To-Action should inspire engagement and social sharing by others. This element will be oriented toward your demographic and your established (and potential) customers.

  • Focused Game Plan: Your game plan will streamline your efforts and those of your Social Intelligence™ Team in approaching and posting your Social Media Package, ensuring efficiency and maximizing effectiveness.

  • Branded Approach: Your team at enfusionize™ will leverage and harness the power of the Internet to grow your Brand, making it visible to ever-increasing customer bases.

  • Integrated Interfacing: All of your Social Media contacts will be integrated and interfaced with the website that enfusionize™ creates on your behalf.

 These specialized services will be delivered in two ways:

  • Coaching Sessions: You will have 2 Strategic Coaching Sessions with the Lead Brand Developer, Dewi Maile Lim. She will help you to determine your direction for Social Media and develop means of accomplishing your goal.

  • Custom Social Media and Blogging Editorial Calendar: With Dewi, you will develop a detailed calendar in which you’ll outline your topics and keywords for upcoming Social Media posts and blogs. This calendar will help you stay on track and make your Social Media outreach more effective.

 Your Blogging and Social Media Content and Campaign Strategy Sessions will be essential to your success in the Social Intelligence™ realm. Integrating Social Media strategy and Social Intelligence™ with your branding, conversion, and Website Intelligence™ are among the ways the enfusionize™  Team helps to make your Brand—and your business—successful.

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