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Social Media Intensive Training

Social Media is rocketing businesses into the high-visibility and high-revenue strata, and your team at enfusionize™ will make sure you are on that trajectory to the top.  Of the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™, Social Intelligence™ is evidenced by the ability to promote your company through the different social sites and to create a buzz-gone-viral in the marketplace in which your Brand is shared and reviewed.

With the Social Media Intensive Training Package, you will receive several services that will result in a comprehensive Social Media marketing strategy, complete with techniques. With your enfusionize™ Intensive Training Package, you will receive:

  • Two 2-3 hour intensives where we’ll map out a customized marketing plan. This plan will be focused on establishing a compelling presence online by harnessing the power of Social Media.

  • We’ll create a strategy that will inform every brand touch point—be it written, visual, or verbal.  You’ll receive clarity around your marketing efforts—what you’re doing and why. This will ensure that you only focus on what produces results.

In addition, you will receive  1-on-1 guidance during your session with a mix of:

  • Strategy specifically tailored to promote you and your great work.

  • Key systems overview that includes what to use and when to use it.

  • An editorial calendar to keep you on track with your posts.

Your package will include Fast Start Demos and Tutorials on the social platforms you’ll employ, such as:

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • YouTube

  • Vimeo

  • WordPress

Your enfusionize™ Team will make personal recommendations and outline helpful hints to streamline your efforts. Using a mix of hands-on learning, exercises, and the information from your Pre-VIP Day assignments, you’ll be guided through five modules:

  1. Positioning: Clarify who your ideal tribe is and claim your movement and what makes you unique and different. In this way, you position your story and the dream you serve in an attractive way that makes an impact.

  2. Presence: Choose the look and feel of your Brand based on the work done on your Positioning. Receive a checklist of the elements needed in order to have an online presence that inspires people to take action.

  3. Promotions Part 1 (Fast Start Foundation):  An accelerated dive into the Social Media, blogging, and marketing map you’ll be using to grow your audience, what works where, when, and why.

  4. Promotions Part 2 (Your Integrated Approach):  Discover the #1 tool used to streamline your Social Media and blogging efforts so that you maximize your time and energy when sharing content and marketing.

  5. Persistence: By taking strategic, consistent action online you’re not only guaranteed to get noticed, you’re guaranteed to get results. When you complete the training, you’ll be ready to implement your Social Media Package, and you’ll be confident, knowing that your efforts on Social Media will make an impact! We’ll chart your next steps so that all you need is conveniently laid out for implementation.

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