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Social Media Management – Diamond Package

An integral part of Social Intelligence™, Social Media Management will make your online business successful. With our Social Media Management Packages, you are provided with the avenues to stay in contact with loyal, established customers and have the tools to broaden your customer base.

The use of Social Media for marketing has skyrocketed, and if you haven’t before, now you can profit from the popularity. The professionals at enfusionize™ will keep you in the Social Media streams, and hence the public eye, through regular and frequent updates in the most popular Social Media services—Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram.

With the Social Media Management Diamond Package from enfusionize™, you receive:

  • 2 hours of Social Networking Consultation every month (2 one-hour sessions).

  • 4 fan page updates, 7 days a week, for a total of 5 updates a day, to Facebook and Community Management.

  • 14 tweets, 5 days a week, to Twitter and Community Management.

  • 1 post each day, 5 days a week, to:

o   Google+

o   Pinterest

o   LinkedIn

o   Community Management

  • 1 unique post to:

o   Tumblr

o   Posterous

o   Community Management

  • Every blog post bookmarked through:

o   StumbleUpon

o   Digg

  • Daily online reputation management to grow your:

o   Friends

o   Followers

o   Fans

  • Weekly keyword research report for content creation strategy.

  • Up to 4 video blogs, edited and uploaded to YouTube, or phone interviews edited for blog entries.

  • Ongoing Social Media actions determined by strategy consultations.

At enfusionize™, besides frequent, current posts, you will receive daily online reputation management. That means that your team will watch consumer reaction to your posts and advise you on any changes that need to be made to make your posts more accessible and attractive. Then, watch your fan and follower numbers grow.

Fresh, current keywords are crucial to SEO, and your enfusionize™ Team will make sure, on a weekly basis, that you have the most frequently searched keywords for your niche. This will put your posts right in front of the Internet spiders and help drive traffic to your website.

You can have any combination of blogs and videos with our blog service. Your Social Media Management Team will edit and post your videos to YouTube or conduct a phone interview with you on a topic and convert that into a blog. This will provide your followers with frequent updates and allow you to keep customers, fans, and followers interested with fresh content—weekly, daily.

One reason it is so important to reach out to your customers through Social Media is because ever-increasing numbers of people now do much of their business on handheld devices. Social Media marketing is perfectly suited for these devices. Therefore, with a regular presence on Social Media sites, you can increase your visibility and your cache in the marketplace. About 80% of all people who look up a business on a handheld device will convert that very day.

Put your business in your customers’ hands, ready to convert, with Social Media Management.

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