Enfusionize™/SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE™/Social Media Management – Gold Package

Social Media Management – Gold Package

By utilizing Social Media you can boost your brand recognition and increase customer traffic to your website. With the Social Media Management Gold Package, you can begin to reach out to established and potential customers through any number of popular Social Media channels.  Your enfusionize™ Team will work with you to craft your public persona.

Any time you go to a restaurant, take the time to scan the room and the activities of your fellow diners. Chances are, lots of people are using their phones—texting, sending pictures, responding to posts. Is your Brand accessible in this way so it—and you!—can be part of the discussions? enfusionize™ will give your Brand a strong presence within Social Media outlets so you can be a force—in person and on mobile devices. That’s what Social Intelligence™ is all about.

With the Gold Package, you get a wide range of services, including:

  • 60 minutes a month of private consulting. This can be one 60-minute session or two 30-minute sessions to determine sales and strategies, set notifications, and create other attention-grabbing opportunities for your customers.

  • 2 posts every single day, 5 days a week, on Facebook, Twitter, and Community Management.

  • 8 additional posts every day, 5 days a week, to Twitter.

  • 1 unique post each day, 5 days a week, to

o   Google+

o   Pinterest

o   LinkedIn

o   Community Management

  • Weekly online reputation management.

  • Quarterly Keyword Research Report for content creation strategy.

  • 2 video blogs.

  • Ongoing Social Media actions as determined by strategy consultations.

The weekly online reputation management will keep you abreast of the results of your Social Media efforts so that if something is not working, it can be changed. Your enfusionize™ Team also will be quick to spot any problems.

The Quarterly Keyword Research Report carefully charts old and new keyword rankings so that the upcoming posts will rank high with SEO. By keeping the SEO rating high, your posts can stay on the front page of search engine results, which is one step before the money is in the bank.

The 2 video blogs include editing from your expert enfusionize™ Team. Your videos will be uploaded to YouTube at the rate of 2 videos a month. Or you can select to do phone interviews that are converted into blog posts.

Your team of strategy consultants will keep watch over your account, working with it daily, and you’ll be regularly apprised of progress and success with your Social Media campaigns. Use Social Media management services to notify your customers about sales, specials, or new inventory in daily tweets and posts.

About 80% of people who find your business on Social Media convert that very day. Social Intelligence™ and having great Social Media management will make you a winner, every time.

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