Enfusionize™/SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE™/Social Media Management – Silver Package

Social Media Management – Silver Package

Social Intelligence™ is the masterful way you use yourself and your market presence to engage and delight your ideal clients. Within Social Media Management, enfusionize™ employs and engages the tools and channels within the huge and powerful world of Social Media to extend your reach to potential customers while keeping you connected to your existing tribe.

With the exponential growth in mobile devices, all your Social Media material needs to be optimized for desktop as well as mobile devices.  More and more, people all over the world are getting online and doing it in ways that can keep them on the go. So, never underestimate the demand for your product or service because you may have a potential customer across the globe or a future employee standing next to you in line on his or her iPhone.

With the Silver Package, you will receive:

  • 2 consultations per month in social networking, at 15 minutes each.

  • Your enfusionize™ Team will post and format your posts to blogs and websites.

  • 1 new post will be created each day, 5 days a week, to:

o   Facebook

o   Twitter

o   Community Management

  • 1 unique post will be created each week and posted to:

o   Google+

o   Pinterest

o   LinkedIn

o   Community Management

  • Weekly online reputation management.

  • Increase connections with:

o   Friend

o   Followers

  • Ongoing Social Media actions determined to be necessary by your enfusionize™ Strategy Consultants.

Besides the valuable posts that keep you in the public eye, enfusionize™ will track your online success and make the necessary weekly changes so that you are reaching your target audiences. This will enable you to craft your online offers to fit current trends, seasons, holidays, and other determiners of market relevance.

Through these well-crafted postings, you will keep your established customers interested and increase traffic through referrals and conversion of leads into new customers.

Estimates are that at least 80% of people who see your business, service, or product online, on their handheld device, will convert that very day. Don’t miss out on such a great opportunity. Our Social Media Management Package will show you how to reach out effectively.

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