Enfusionize™/SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE™/Social Media Site Branding Package (Entry Level)

Social Media Site Branding Package (Entry Level)

At enfusionize™, we know that the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™ can make your Internet presence solid and dependable. Through Social Intelligence™, you engage your business with your ideal clients—your tribe—using Social Media, your brand assets, and Conversion Intelligence™. You can elect to focus on just one or two target audiences or select a broader demographic.

Either way, here you will learn about the Entry Level Social Media Branding Package.


Every page should have some kind of CTA, or Call-To-Action. A CTA should be eye catching without being annoying and support easy interaction with the customer. The reason CTAs are so crucial to Social Intelligence™ is that as you reach out to others, you need to provide them with a way to reach out to you. This is done through a well-placed and cleverly designed Call-To-Action.

With the Entry Level Social Media Site Branding Package, you get a custom-made Call-To-Action that is based on the graphics and assets you provide to your enfusionize™ Team.

You will also receive implementation of your CTA, as it is placed on your Landing Page and on different media sites. With an effective CTA, you’ll find that you have far more click-throughs and can begin to build your customer databases faster than ever.

Facebook Banner

The new Timeline on Facebook (well, maybe not so new now) is a great place to get your Brand recognized. We will incorporate your new logo into your Facebook Banner so that people can start to develop sight recognition of your Brand. Social Intelligence™ involves recognizing every opportunity to get your Brand in the public eye, and how better than with free advertising through your Facebook Banner?

Facebook Graphics and Tabs

Another really great development on Facebook is the sub-tab system. These sub-tabs organize your fan pages for you and your fans so that they can find what they’re looking for more quickly and efficiently. These tabs can be labeled with minigraphics and words. You get a full set of minigraphics for your sub-tabs with the Social Media Site Branding Package – Entry Level.

Twitter Background

Just as Facebook has a banner, Twitter has a background. Any time there is space for your logo, you need to take full advantage. Your team at enfusionize™ strategically places your logo into your Twitter background (and adjusts background color) to establish brand recognition and increase your visibility.

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