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Comprehensive Copy and Video Strategy Consultation

Full development of your launch, from a Strategic Intelligence™ standpoint, involves the Comprehensive Copy and Video Strategy Consultation. A power session that guarantees you at least 60 minutes of one-on-one consultation, with as much as 80 minutes of follow-up to finalize your copy and video strategy—this is recommended for the business owner who has some experience with copy and video strategies and desires to polish and/or supercharge the material and hone in on its conversion power.

During this consultation, you will:

  • Assign copywriting priorities based on current page traffic reports and new site architecture. Your enfusionize™ consultant will adjust your copy and video strategy so you can reach and engage more ideal clients and drive traffic to your Sales Funnel.
  • Determine the full scope of video scripting required with respect to website, free offer, and the Sales Funnel. The “scope” of your scripting refers to the breadth of your coverage. With your consultant, you will decide if you wish to include all information in your release or hold some back for later releases.
  • Estimate and quote full scope of copywriting and video scripting. Estimating the scope of your work as the project evolves is Strategic Intelligence™ at its best, as this allows for your copy and video goals to grow as your business does.
  • Create a clear plan and timeline for execution. Success can be predicted and that prediction can cleanly be linked to the timely execution of each phase of your launch. You and your consultant will finalize your plan and develop a timeline that will launch your program at an optimum stage.

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