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Lead Generation Strategy

Critical to sophisticated online marketing success is knowing how, when, and with what to generate and capture leads. Many articles and webinars and ebooks are available on this topic, and there is no limit to the ideas that are out there.

To make sure we successfully rocket your Lead Generation results to new levels, enfusionize™ experts will take the time to understand your market and your product or service and assess your current marketing assets. It is always from an understanding of the foundation that we are able to unlock potential, uncover core opportunities, and then formulate and create strategies to driving traffic to your site(s).

Your team will address what is currently happening in the market and design a strategic formula that aligns with your Brand, your offering, and your budget. What you want is for every online touch point to be driving traffic to your website or Sales Funnel.

The unique, time-tested, relationship-building techniques (applying Conversion and Brand Intelligence™) developed by enfusionize™ yield opportunities to attract fresh leads and new ideal clients. These clients are more likely to move down your Relationship Pathway , i.e., your Sales Funnel, if all of your assets and messaging are congruent and aligned.

Outcomes you can expect are:

  • DFY Marketing Campaign: To build your list and get you into action with partners right away. Your team has a specific strategy for you that is immediately implemented.
  • Strategic Road Map: Your road map will lay out every facet and avenue your team can develop and implement and execute it, if you so desire.
  • Coaching: You will receive coaching on the best practices for developing a long-term process to maintain the flow of traffic and sustain relationships even after the campaign is well established.
  • Social Media: All social networks will be used to attract people and encourage them to like, share, and participate in your online conversations. This will lead to conversions, increasing the number of prospects in the funnel.
  • Video Marketing: The targeted creation and distribution of specific videos will lead people into the Relationship Pathway through social networks. Videos can, by their very nature, go viral; a result that will raise your visibility and increase the likelihood of conversions.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Your team will develop an Affiliate Marketing Strategy that comes with relationship-building tools so you can start to solidify connections with affiliate prospects and key JV partners. These strategic partners are often your best source for rapid lead generation and capture.
  • Customer Avatar: A well-defined avatar will greatly assist in your efforts to attract and engage customers.
  • Your Free Offer: A free offer’s purpose is to be so enticing to ideal clients that they flock to your funnel to get it. If that doesn’t happen, you will receive free consultations to revise and implement Your Free Offer.
  • Relationship Pathway: Your team will work with you to cocreate your Relationship Pathway (a mindmap) to attract and convert your ideal clients and then to funnel them into your high-level offers.

Lead Generation Strategy is a highly specialized field and requires a team that is knowledgeable in Internet marketing and data collection. Your team at enfusionize™ is here for that very reason. Your client lists, current marketing assets, and our expertise will increase conversion on your sites and move you rapidly toward meeting, and even exceeding, expectations in your new initiative.

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