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Rapid Implementation Day

At enfusionize™, Rapid System Implementation Day is when Strategic Intelligence™ rules the day to review and lock in all the details before the launch of any major project. Commit to your outcome and architect the path . . .  and engage the currency of conscious intent. Rapid System Implementation Day is a personal, professional day of guidance and mind-framing before you launch. It’s the final aiming in . . . Ready. Aim. Fire.

You will spend an entire eight-hour workday with one of our strategy consultants to go over your entire launch platform. Depending on your time and budget and physical location, the strategy session will be either in person, via Skype, or other online meeting platform. It will entail a thorough, exhaustive review of your launch and everything that needs to happen and what you need to watch for once it’s in play.

All products and elements of your launch will be moved to completion and readied for market during this meeting. In addition, we will identify any regular marketing tasks that need to be systematized (using Infusionsoft) and/or outsourced to optimize the use of your time. This moves you closer to the implementation practices of the million-dollar businesses.

As one of the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™, Strategic Intelligence™ is the framework that presents the comprehensive staging area for your Internet presence.

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