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Super+ Coaching with Dewi

A great coach is able to not only train but inspire, and that’s what you will get with your Super+ Coaching Sessions with Dewi. Through these high-impact coaching sessions, you will have:

  • A layout of your strategy.
  • Mental preparation for a successful launch.
  • A naturally flowing follow-up process that will support sustained growth.
  • An understanding of how everything ties together.


With this package, you will receive:
Six 75-minute Coaching Sessions. These will include:
(2) Client Engagement
(2) Client Enrollment
(2) Group Program Branding Sessions

If necessary, you can mix and match the sessions if you feel like more or less of each type of focus is needed. At the end of the sessions you will understand how to integrate each of these.

Client Engagement sessions include training in various methods for attracting and retaining the ideal client to your business. You’ll learn how prospects and/or clients are engaged before, during, and after your program and offer launches. This gives you amazing insight in how to divert attention from your competitors and engage clients with your product. In addition, your extensive coaching in Group Dynamics will teach you to work within and shape group structure, dynamics, and support. You’ll receive one-on-one Coaching and Strategy Sessions so that any questions you have will be handled individually. You’ll learn about Feedback Channels and Testimonial Collection and have access to our Affiliate and Referral Program. You’ll also learn how to make and participate in Special Client Offers.

Client Enrollment covers several different venues of communication. You’ll learn about selling and enrolling during various stages of your implementation. You’ll also develop teleseminars or webinars and learn to conduct Exploration, a.k.a. “Get-to-Know” Sessions. You will learn about Program Guide Ceation and Program Upsells which can increase your sales by phenomenal amounts. Your enfusionize™ coach will also teach you how to use the Selling-by-Giving Method. Finally, you’ll have access to our Affiliate and Referral Program.

With Group Program Branding and Development Counseling Sessions, you will develop the crucial elements that make your Brand recognizable. Your tagline, for instance, will make you easy to find on the Internet. You’ll work on your name, intent, focus, design, packaging, messaging, positioning, structure, flow, duration, price, content, upsells, and much more.

The 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™ work together to propel your business to levels you have never before experienced. With Team enfusionize™, and especially with your Super+ Coaching Session with Dewi, you will be well on your way and ready for an exponential advance in your business.

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