We’ve prepared this VIP Day to assess your launch readiness and ensure you have the essential implementation plans in place for your new program. Our launch team will be present to assist you in becoming launch ready.

 Outcomes: Our overall objective with this VIP Day is to create a custom Playbook with which you can run current and future launches. Our second objective is to ensure that you have identified all the elements necessary and are ready to delegate in order to run your launch.

Of course, we’ll be there to counsel and advise throughout the process once you launch. Our extensive experience managing and launching programs will enable you to quickly determine what has to be done and assign it to the right person.


Launch Overview and Assessment (180 minutes) From 9:00 to noon

Step #1: Overview of Foundational Elements – In this section, we will go through what it takes to successfully launch your next program and outline your Business Launch Playbook (a.k.a. the Launch Bible) which will guide us through the process.

Break From 10:30 to 10:45

Step #2: Launch Assessment Review – We’ll review the Assessment Questionnaire you sent us and detail your launch readiness for this upcoming campaign.

Assignment: Designate/Delegate It ChecklistThis checklist will give you a complete overview of the launch process and responsibilities so you know at a glance what essential components are being handled and by whom.


Lunch Break From Noon – 1:00       Eat Healthy 🙂


Detailed Delegation Review and Playbook Creation (180 minutes) From Noon to 3:00

Step #1: Using the Designate/Delegate It Checklist – Using the checklist, we will assist in aligning the core strengths within your team and identify where additional support is required.

Step #2:  Playbook Mechanics™With the framework of the elements of your launch in place, our team will customize a Playbook, integrating your vision of the experience and results you are aiming to achieve.

Step #3 Feasibility Review – Each team member looks through delegated assignments in the Playbook and provides feedback if something has been omitted and assurance that the tasks can be completed as assigned.

Step #4: Refine Launch Implementation Plan – We will further refine the Launch Implementation Plan by combining the elements identified and detailed in the Playbook.


Closing thoughts and feedback with action plan for the Launch Playbook to be signed off on.


Total In-Person Time Estimate: 6 hours



BONUS 1 – Up to a 60-minute Pre-VIP Day call to determine the type of launch and its strategy with our core team.

BONUS 2 – Team enfusionize™ meets internally as many times as necessary to structure the foundational elements of your Playbook in preparation for your VIP Day. You’ll show up on your VIP Day knowing our team has laid the groundwork to ensure that our time together that day is maximized.

BONUS 3 – Landing Page and Sales Page will be inspired by your existing site design. Here we will have ready-made templates for you to fill in (content/video to position your launch-ready offer, preferably to be completed before our VIP Day).


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