Strategic Marketing Intelligence Blended
With Technical Sophistication™

This is a radical new approach to road mapping the relationships you have with your ideal clients and integrating these relationships with an Architected Communications Plan.

The Architected Plan becomes a series of communications networks and sequences that enable you to connect with your customers based on where they are in your funnel. The purpose of having the plan is, of course, to have one thing lead to another so that you are constantly addressing your clients in order to move them to the next step. Maybe they’ve attended your webinar and the next step is to buy your coaching package. Or maybe they have opted in for a free gift but have not signed up for your teleseminar.

In order to understand what a Relationship Pathway is and to assess and implement the necessary elements to ensure you connect and communicate appropriately with your market, we have to establish a baseline. From here, we gauge and continually refine, with clearly thought-out strategies, how we engage your market and with what delivery channels.

The Architecture Plan puts the right components in place so you can “talk” to people right where they are and move them along. The process is automated, if you have the right software.

At enfusionize™, we will mindmap your game plan and create the pathway in REAL time with all the pieces in place. With our guidance and implementation expertise, we make everything happen that needs to happen. Managing a funnel can get confusing, especially if you have several products, are list-building, and bring in partners. With all these moving parts, you very well may need help building the road map that will take your leads down the pathway to purchase.

This is the product within Website Intelligence™ that helps you to see the big picture and the role your website and online assets play in the automated marketing business. Here, you will buy blocks of time so we can build your strategic road map to success. You will have the ability to reach so many in a way that seems uniquely personal to each and every contact. This is relationship marketing evolved.

Visit us at our Relationship Marketing Portal and take a flight with us; it will lift you up instantly!

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