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Affiliate Network Support

Through the Systems Intelligence™ program at enfusionize™, you will receive the benefits of a dedicated Affiliate Network Manager who will engage with your affiliate marketing team. The objective will be to facilitate the greatest possible growth and profit within your network of peers and promoters. This will contribute to the cohesiveness and integrity of your work with affiliates and is a vital part of healthy business development.

The Affiliate Network Manager’s areas of focus will be to:

  • Schedule and deliver affiliate promotion emails.

  • Assist client in planning and optimizing affiliate content and emails.

  • Answer affiliate questions and manage the affiliate help desk.

  • Inform affiliates of successful marketing tools and strategies.

  • Integrate new marketing techniques into the affiliate program.

  • Verify and maintain affiliate links and redirects within your affiliate software.

  • Build and maintain the affiliate information center within Infusionsoft.

  • Dramatically increase your affiliate sales.

This service is delivered at an hourly rate.

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