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Basic Systems Creation

Every winning Internet marketing campaign based on website development and Sales Funnel creation has to start somewhere. We start with the basics via 1:1 consults from our project manager, who will meet with you on at least a bi-weekly basis for 30-minute phone calls to establish your goals and direction for your web identity.

In addition, you will receive 16 hours of creation time from your enfusionize™ Team. This creation time will serve to establish:

  • The scope of your project, including Brand Development and Social Media.

  • The processes necessary to fit the scope of your project.

  • Which procedures will work to make your web presence cohesive.

  • Communications requirements for keeping your launch on schedule.

Systems Intelligence™ coordinates all of the 10+ forms of Web Intelligence™. It often requires someone who is capable of working on the technical details while also being able to keep the big picture in mind.

With our Basic Systems Creation service, you will find that, together, we have produced a multifaceted, well-integrated system that makes your Internet presence a potential money-making machine.

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