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Customer Service – Expert

Your Expert Customer Service Setup will fulfill the aspect of Systems Intelligence™ that deals with keeping your customers happy, with a little more detail than the basic service.  Your team will work with you to build a cohesive customer service department with world-class support.

One of the ways in which our team will help you with setting up your customer service is through five one-hour phone or Skype calls. These will be spaced throughout your program, or throughout your launch, with a threefold purpose:

  • Assess: We will assess your particular needs for customer service. This is crucial for customer satisfaction, since we want your ideal clients to find what they are looking for on your site and successfully complete secure sales. The initial assessment will be of your support and assets around customer service. We’ll then customize recommendations for software and team support. Recommendations may also include custom webforms in IFS to be set up, dedicated email, and stand-alone software. We may also recommend integrating live chat, help desk, or other software.

  • Create: Once your enfusionize™ Team has completed a full needs assessment for your customer service program, you and they will work to create the ideal program for your unique services. This includes not only the overall concept but the actual pages and coding that integrate this service with your website. In addition, we will create a customer resource directory for your program or product using the most common questions and detailed answers including, where appropriate, links to web pages and the Sales Funnel. We will also create stock answers and flow process for customer service issues NOT emailed through normal channels (i.e., tweets about the program, questions via Facebook).

  • Develop: Any healthy program is able to adapt to changing demands. With well-developed Systems Intelligence™, support from enfusionize™ will continue to develop your customer service program until it works perfectly for you and your business. Your team will help you develop practices for tracking and reviewing Social Media regularly. If time permits, we can also add your custom email templates for customer service and add them to your Infusionsoft account (if using integrated IFS software as your ticketing system and help desk).

We’ll  also develop a best practices policy that will shape your email communications, especially focusing on:

  • Tone

  • Attitude

  • Spirit

 In addition to assessment, creation, and development, you will have access to enfusionize’s™ network and staffing agencies, and you’ll receive promotion to bring in the best candidates for your customer service team.  This includes the complete hiring system and custom job descriptions, emails, and interview questions for hiring your world-class customer service team. Even if your current team is sufficient, we recommend this step be completed in its entirety. If time permits, a custom software setup with team training videos can be included. In addition, you may receive content creation for several of your customized pages, including:

  • Help Desk

  • FAQ Page on the Program

  • “Help Yourself” Model on the Launch Webpage, which frees up the customer service team for more detailed and comprehensive support issues.

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