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Express Systems Creation

The enfusionize™ Systems Intelligence™ Model is available on a fast-track basis through the Express Systems Creation Package. With this package, you will get 30-minute calls on a bi-weekly basis with a project manager and an enfusionize™ Team, if needed. These meetings will be crucial to the creation and development of your express Systems Intelligence™ Package.  Software integration, business processes, programming script, and much more are fast-tracked to implementation during this time.

In addition, you receive 36 hours of creative direction time that will directly affect your business systems, processes, and procedures. The goal will be to expedite the process in a shortened time frame, hence the Express Systems Creation.

This package is designed for Entrepreneurs to have direct support creating and managing the IT systems to fully optimized and be successful utilizing the Systems Intelligence™ frameworks designed and developed by Team enfusionize™ specifically for your business.

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