Enfusionize™/SYSTEMS INTELLIGENCE™/Infusionsoft Campaigns

Infusionsoft Campaigns

Systems Intelligence™ assures that all facets of your Internet presence work together to make a seamless and cohesive presence for your ideal clients.

Your enfusionize™ coach will see to it that all elements of Systems Intelligence™ needed to build your Infusionsoft Campaign Configuration are in place. Your coach will guide you through the entire process of creating a successful campaign, including mapping out the major pieces.

Your campaign is the proactive push to get your Brand into the marketplace and trigger response from consumers. We do everything with the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™ to see that this is successful. You, as the business owner, will provide the content, but your enfusionize™ Team will set up the campaign. This will include:

  • Timing

  • Automation

  • Triggers

Your team will also provide you with tips and best practices to ensure that your content is designed to sell as it leaves the gate and you reap results in a reasonable time frame.

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