Enfusionize™/SYSTEMS INTELLIGENCE™/Infusionsoft Flex Block

Infusionsoft Flex Block

Part of your Systems Intelligence™ Package with enfusionize™ is your Infusionsoft Flex Block.

With the Infusionsoft Flex Block, you have an opportunity to work one-on-one with your enfusionize™ coach to develop a rock-solid Infusionsoft setup. This will make your business processes and e-commerce proceed smoothly, without complication or loss of data. Database, managing software, programming scripts, and other aspects influenced by your software will be set up according to the particular content and structure of your business. Part of Systems Intelligence™ is understanding the requirements and priorities unique to your own business. Your team will help you make your Infusionsoft implementation fit like a glove.

See https://www.enfusionize.com/dev/flex-block-options.pdf for more information.

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