Enfusionize™/SYSTEMS INTELLIGENCE™/Infusionsoft M.A.P.P.™ Creation

Infusionsoft M.A.P.™ Creation

Your Infusionsoft coach and your team at enfusionize™ will work with you to realize full Systems Intelligence™ through the development of your M.A.P.™ (Marketing Automation Plan™).

 The M.A.P.™, or Marketing Automation Plan™, is developed through direct collaboration with your team. During this session, you and your team will analyze your current marketing and sales practices and develop a M.A.P.™ to fully automate your business marketing. The result will be an automated and sustainable process that requires only the most recent data and information to launch your business to a new level.

 Your M.A.P.™ will consist of a visual flowchart that maps out a clear pathway for your entire automated marketing system. The flowchart will take your business from the stage of converting leads to getting repeat sales and will include getting referrals from your happy clients and long-term nurture tactics. The whole purpose for the M.A.P.™ is to generate more business.

 As part of the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™, Systems Intelligence™ provides a solid approach to making your online presence more prominent.

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