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Project Management

A good project manager is the key to success with any ad campaign, product development, or implementation program. With enfusionize™, Kelly Azevedo is our Project Manager. A master of Systems Intelligence™ within the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™, Kelly will work closely with you through regular calls to provide direct oversight of your project. She possesses the ability to quickly sift through data, separating crucial elements from chaff and focusing on the right thing while discarding extraneous matters. Kelly is the one who makes sure all deliverables are documented and that all deadlines are achieved.

You will have your own exclusive project management space at enfusionize™. There, you will be able to track each stage of the process. You, along with Kelly, will set your project priorities and observe the effectiveness of your campaign. You will then re-evaluate your priorities on a regular basis and gain clarity on what assets and decisions are needed to keep moving forward. Kelly will assist by leading regular calls to assess your progress and transition through the stages and will be your point of contact throughout the engagement. With her management skills, the time you spend on your campaign will be reduced, and the time you do spend will be more effectively spent. This is Systems Intelligence™ at its best.

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