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Shopping Cart Integration

Your shopping cart is not something you hand off to another vendor to handle.  It needs to visually and technically connect to your website. It is important that the customer knows that he is in the right place as he transfers to the shopping cart page.

We will work with you to customize the theme of your shopping cart so that it perfectly matches the integrity, look, and feel of your Brand and your website. This is simply Systems Intelligence™: if your customers feel uprooted or unsure about where they are, they won’t place an order.

Working within the 10+ Forms of Web Intelligence™, your enfusionize™ Team will integrate your shopping cart with the rest of your site. Important functionality here includes being able to check out easily, being able to place items in the cart and return customers to the catalog pages if they want to keep shopping, and securely check out using your payment options.

Multifaceted navigation that is layered for ease of operation will make it easier for your ideal clients to shop and place orders on your site. The leading online retailers have masterfully layered navigation that integrates perfectly with their sites.

Shopping Cart Integration will also let your customers fill their shopping carts one item at a time and return to shopping mode without losing their order. It will place large images on the page that relate to the rest of the site, support the shopper’s choice, and offer discounts on related items.

Your integration package will upload, update, and sort products and their data regularly so that your shopping cart reflects the most current products and services being offered.

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