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We utilize a unit-based model to let you see the relative value of each and every service we provide.  Implicit in this value is our standards of performance and deliverables.

Units provide an way for you to track/monitor what you are getting each month and also for you to select or even change what you want to receive in any given month based on the implementation cycle that was established.   This built-in flexibility of the unit system helps us to coordinate and arrange the services to assure a particular outcome–always with an eye toward maintaining quality and value.

You have a dedicated set of team members who are working cohesively to support your business from week to week, month to month.

We will orient you to our system and give you a thorough review of what we offer and then what we recommend you sequentially select to achieve the outcome you seek.

Making Changes:  Change Request Forms

Sometimes it is necessary to change direction temporarily, to switch gears, or to backtrack when in the middle of a project implementation.  This goes along with the logic and decision-making process that sometimes requires a side-step or a back-track loop in order to move forward on the right course.

Since our retainer model is structured in units, we have the ability to alter the unit allocation from one service to another, midstream, if the project requires it.  However, given how easy it is to get stuck in a middle of initiatives and force confusion,  it is imperative that we look at every change request for its relevance and priority, and then assign the appropriate unit value to it in accordance with your monthly allocation.

After the request form is submitted, your team will thoroughly review your needs and assess how to implement the change based on the impact, time required, and unit allocation constraints.   Once this is determined, we will contact you either for more data on the request, a timeline for implementation, or additional information, etc., so that we can meet your needs as efficiently as possible without impacting other parts of the project.