The Digital DOJO™™ Framework:
Simplify the Streamline, Automate & Integration Process so You can Effectively Accelerate and Scale from the Ground Up. Systematically Acquire Your Envisioned Target Audience, While Catapulting Measurable Growth… All Driven by Consistent Predictability… Target What Success Means to You…and Let’s Meet in the DOJO to Reach Your Objectives..!

After months and, yes, years of trial and error, we have honed in on a specific solution-based end-to-end automated system, and this is what our perspective-shifting, revolutionary™ process is at its’ core, all about.

It assists you in so many ways, some being immediately more noticeable, while others lie more deeply embedded in the data as you go still further into the digital M.A.P.Ping™ ecosystem, your sales & marketing, and overarching business process.

Notably, it allows you to focus on precisely what matters most for you right now; and as you track your business (KPI’s/bottomline) against the M.A.P.P™, you’ll know exactly what to do next and in what order aligns with your objectives.

In essence, this becomes the central hub of operations for all your marketing, automation, technology stack, messaging, brand, and all the interactive components that bring them all together. With this view, you can literally create on-the-fly marketing campaigns and make instant business decisions that are sound and successful at every turn.

So, how do you put together your what, when, where, why, and how in place and be able to fully see where they all fit together. Honestly, there’s no one solution. There are a gazillion ways of doing things. However, how do you then put that into perspective and in simple terms?

You M.A.P.P.™ it, of course, limiting the discussion to a handful of things to test, optimize and deploy. How do you bring it into your business? With the proper M.A.P.P.™ in play, you will now have a solid trajectory and blueprint to follow for doing just this. When do you bring it in or at what point in your business? This is easily resolved in your first Micro™ strategy session we take you through in the Digital DOJO™.

Every solution to every issue we face in our lives as emerging and engaging entrepreneurs requires reflection, research, and ongoing experimentation via testing before you can reach a viable and clearly laid out path that resolves obstacles and blocks via day-to-day constraints on the path toward attaining your key objectives.

Micro MAPPing™ (The initial building block phase) is where we gather all the necessary intel, definitive research and organize it into compelling ideas founded on positioning your offer. This positioning provides clarity, guidance, and necessary anchor points to ensure you reach your goals and reach before what you only thought was inneffable..

The™ process is both the milestone generator and manifestation of your growth potential. Your M.A.P.P.™ will illustrate the tools, resources, assets (these are your anchors!!!) as well as our guidance undergirded by strategy so you can sustain your strategic direction.

In short, the M.A.P.P.™ serves as the ecosystem and launching pad for every great venture to come. Brings solidarity to your team and anyone that is a stakeholder in your business.

You can strategically plan your next great launch, knowing exactly what it will take to move toward your desired success as every new angle is concisely measured and accounted for.

To find which solutions are most aligned with your marketing and sales goals and your target audience, we start with what you have right now, laser-focus your intention, and build out your initial M.A.P.P.™ We love to support our clients with a refined transformational approach that is fully streamlined, automated, and integrated so they can accelerate and scale with fully leverageable support of their sustainable growth at every step.

What we found, in a nutshell, is that it’s important to understand and selectively deploy the right tools. Then, take the time to design a completely interconnected, gamified UX along with the smooth pathway to purchase in a way that’s scalable. This is ginormous!

Here at enfusionize™, we’ve mastered the art of creating holistic systems via end-to-end automation, and what we’re talking about is with our impeccable fusion of automation marketing solutions all encapsulated within the Digital DOJO™

If you are tired of spending time agonizing over what to do next, we’re offering a really cool and FREE Masterclass aimed at letting you see how this will work for you. Through our™ process, we assist you to laser-focus your intention. No more “What do I do next?” uncertainty.