The Launch Accelerator
Custom-designed product launching development program to prepare your business project and product launch strategy with our experienced and expert launch team will assist you to build and execute your launch platform and program.

We will advise and strategize with you to:

1. Create a tailored Launch Blueprint that will be simple to execute for this and any other The Launch Accelerator™ you decide to bring to market in the future.
2. Have a fully branded and tested Sales Funnel that supports and promotes your offer to your ideal target audience.
3. Implement every segment of the full scale Launch Accelerator so that you have a fully operational launch that runs effectively, smoothly, and most importantly to the bottom line, profitably!

To pull off a full scale The Launch Accelerator™, every detail must be taken into account. A full-scale, professional Launch, just like a Hollywood film, has a lot of moving parts . . . and they are all essential. Each Launch Phase builds on the ones before and contributes to growing your reputation, visibility, and ultimately the financial success of the launch.

As a producer, you’d never think of investing money in a film that no one really wanted to see, or that didn’t have a rocksolid plot, and that wasn’t screened in test markets before being released.

You can think about your launch in the exact same way. If you want to cut corners, you may be disappointed to find that your hard work will be going straight to Netflix, which I guess is alright, just NOT what you are in business for.

You are here to position and in turn pivot your successful launch into an impact- driven cyclical and everexpanding
system as you begin to go vertical and scale. If you’re getting excited, keep reading! Let’s get into the specific outcomes and deliverables of each Launch Phase.

PHASE 1: Discovery
Research, Strategy & Testing
To ensure a successful launch, we only launch what is proven to sell to specific audiences ready made and desiring to consume, with a funnel that is proven to convert. In this phase, we do preliminary testing and gather critical on-the-ground data to determine the right product and the marketing that works for YOUR market.
PHASE 2: Optimization
The Big Launch
At the end of Phase 2, you will have executed the comprehensive launch strategy developed in Phase 1. You will now have established authority and credibility in the marketplace, built your brand and increased visibility, grown a powerful “hyper responsive” audience, and developed and strengthened relationship with key launch partners, JVs and affiliates–and have recovered your initial launch investment.
PHASE 3: Consistency
Cashing In & Preparing for the Next Round
In this Phase, you will cash in on the launch itself with the “ripple effect” from product sales and merchandise and a significant increase in visibility. You will be poised for the next successful launch with a custom system created for you. Also, and more importantly, this funnel will now be on push-button autopilot ready to convert for you on a daily basis. Your audience can convert to sales as you drive traffic.
Are You Ready to Launch?