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Tips from Gen Y: Insta What?





Insta-What? Instagram.

I will map this out as simply as possible. Instagram is an application compatible with iPhones and some Android phones. Through this application, users can share their photos in a photo stream that all of their friends/followers can see. You can share photos on other social media platforms and applications but Instagram has its own features.  Here’s how it compares:


  • This is an APPLICATION. Or in other words, a phone is always glued to someone’s purse/pocket, but a computer is not. This means almost guaranteed 24/7 access.
  • While this is a phone application, it is very easy to share with other Social Media programs. After editing an image, you can check the boxes next to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr so you can upload the image on three sites with one click.
  • An image is worth a thousand words. Marketing products using pictures entice audiences more than long paragraphs.
  • Instagram was bought out by Facebook. FACEBOOK. Instagram has the financial support for a ton of brand new features.


  • None. The use of any Social Media application is only putting a business at more of an advantage against its competitors. While it is not the most crucial application for a business to utilize, there are still no cons. However, this application can be a slight a waste of time for some businesses (see below).


What Gen Y Thinks:

Okay, I will put it out there that Instagram has not hit its popularity yet. Not everyone in my Gen Y age group has this application. On the other hand, not everyone in my generation has iPhones or Androids.

However, while this application is getting more popular, it does not mean businesses should start investing their time into advertising/informing its audience with this application.

iPhone user, Melia, 19, claims, “Instagram has potential to get bigger, but I don’t really see it getting that huge.”

Neither do I. Once Instagram becomes too “mainstream,” its user activity will surely decrease. That is why Generation Y asks that if a business is going to invest its time into marketing with this application, is it the right business to do so? Instagram users may react negatively toward posts which smack too much of commercialism.

Q: So who should advertise on Instagram?
A: Companies that can produce pictures similar to what mainstream users post.  Meaning: those involved in the clothing, food, and photography business.

Take our advice,
Generation Y

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