Strategic Marketing Intelligence Blended
With Technical Sophistication™

Our expertise in website and sales funnel design, creation, and implementation puts us in the forefront when it comes to evaluating websites and sales funnels. We’ve been building and designing and testing and adopting best practices for years.

As consultants, artists, technicians and designers, we at enfusionize™ also understand the importance of brand, messaging and positioning, and beyond that, SEO, analytics, and systems integration.

That puts us in the unique position of being able to provide you with a high-level assessment of your current web presence and overall business approach. In fact, we have worked so hard and for so long in the online arena that we have developed our very own Intelligent WebTM model that we use to assess, frame, and build anything that needs to generate traffic and revenue on line.

Our unique intelligent web model frames 10 areas that, when sharpened, perfected and integrated, will provide you with a web presence so solid that your online business can practically run itself.

It’s quite possible, even likely, we can identify weaknesses that you either can’t see or didn’t know existed because, if you are like most people, you haven’t taken the time to really examine how everything you have developed works together.

That’s why we have created our assessment package. Team enfusionize™ excels at unearthing all the incongruencies and misalignments in your site. Not only that, we provide a breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of your web presence in ten different areas — all of which are essential for your success online.

From your messaging to your target audience to the load time and software systems you are using, we’ll give you a complete report on what’s working for you and what is likely to run you into trouble.

Our assessment will outline everything you require to fix or address for an affordable $397.

And you’ll get schooled in the process about things to watch out for and elements that you may have overlooked and can encompass on your site.

In short, you’ll have expert eyes on your website and a comprehensive blueprint for ongoing development.

Your Strategic Web Assessment Includes

1. Comprehensive research analysis of your business (2-3 hrs)

2. 2 consulting calls (preliminarily/one after assessment to review results) (2 hrs)

3. Detailed document outlining current constraints and remedies to overcome current limitations (2-3 hrs)

4. Tailored scope doc with recommendations for next steps in your business (2 hrs)

Important FRAMING and POSITIONING Questions to Answer

1. Describe your current customer.

2. Is this your ideal customer or just the one you’re getting? If it’s not your IDEAL customer, please detail the attributes of your IDEAL customer.

3. How are you currently generating the bulk of your traffic, leads and customers?

4. Please provide your full web address and access to any funnel assets (sales pages, and any other brand assets you have in the market)
strategic intelligence

Flow chart of process

30-minute call (front end)

1. fill out web intake form

2. conduct assessment

90-minute call to discuss results

1. constraints/remedy suggestions

2. tailored scope doc



You have an understanding of what’s wrong and how to fix it

You now have a definitive proposal for what we can do to support your business development and/or expansion when you decide to work with us


Let us assist you by offering you a comprehensive Intelligent Web Assessment. Let us be the mirror for your business and reflect to you what you truly have and what may be missing; and more importantly, what can be done about it.


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