Enfusionize™/WEBSITE INTELLIGENCE™/Intelligent Website 3.0 – Development Marketing Campaign

Intelligent Website 3.0 – Development Marketing Campaign

Your enfusionize™ Team will build your website for maximum efficiency, sales, customer satisfaction, and that “wow!” factor that reflects how the 10+Forms of Web Intelligence™ have come together on your site.

With the Intelligent Website 3.0 Campaign, you will receive a 10+ page website build out. You will complete a 10x10x4 Marketing Campaign Guidance and Implementation Packet, and the initial Social Media components will be set in place. This includes the Level 1 Branding Development Package with Dewi. This is Website Intelligence™ at its finest with personal coaching, brand development, and Marketing Campaign Development.

With your Brand Development – Level 1, you receive:

  • Brand Exploration. Brand exploration is one session that explores the inner and outer, or implicit and explicit, aspects of your Brand—what it promises, and the role you play in the your Brand.

  • Brand Assessment. This is a self-guided review of your current Brand or Brands, your products, and your services, as well as the needs of your target audience.

  • Brand Projection. In this one session, you see how your Brand is evolving and/or diversifying. You and your team will explore what additional assets might be needed and what would be required to support them. Using your completed Brand Assessment, your team strategizes with the additional elements that could assist with developing your Brand as it goes forward.

BONUS: You will receive access to enfusionize™ Lead Brand Developer Dewi Maile Lim’s proprietary FUN-RAD™ Discovery Guide. Unlock the key to your Brand’s Promise! Honing in on this will uncover how you stand out from the crowd and intend to draw your target audience to you, and from there, it becomes easier for you to make business decisions.

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