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Website Language Assessment

Answer each question by selecting a number from 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest) that best represents where your company is currently at.
For each question below, select the number from 1 to 9 that best represents where your business stands right now, then explain your answer in a sentence or two.


Is your website communicating who you really are as a Conscious Entrepreneur?

1 (No, I missed the mark when I created my current site) to --> 9 (Yes, I feel my website nails it and my visitors get who I am and what I stand for as a Conscious Entrepreneur!)

Was your website created consciously to convey your message using authentic, heart-centered marketing?

1 (I really didn't have a strategy when creating my site and it doesn't sound like me) --> 9 (Yes! My website was created utilizing a specific heart-centered process based on authentic, conscious business principles)

Is your website definitively speaking your ideal client’s language?

1 (No, I haven’t tested for it so I don’t know) --> 9 (Yes, my conversion rate is sky high and the feedback I receive is showing me I am on the right track)

How well does your website communicate the results you provide?

1 (I know what I have to offer is of significant value but I do no know how to effectively communicate that on my website) --> 9 (Yes, I have so many leads coming through my website that I have a waiting list!)

How interactive and engaging is your website?

(comments on blog posts, social media sharing, contacts you receive, video views, etc.)
1 (It is a boring brochure website that only communicates one-way) --> 9 (Yes, my website is a hub of activity and I love interacting with folks there on a regular basis!)