What is Yoganique?
YOGANIQUE™ is our way to assist you with learning the signs of imbalance and disruption and finding more balance, vitality, enthusiasm, and energy for the purpose of manifesting your mission.

You will learn how you can implement holistic wellness practices; experience how nature and its elements provide self-healing opportunities; connect with healers and nutritionists; and join with others to explore what it means to have balance in your life.

Ancient yogic wisdom and discipline, organic food, healthy practices, and unique living are the themes behind our conscious lifestyle coaching business, YOGANIQUE™.

We are dedicated to awakening your awareness to the intimate connection between nutrition, consciousness, biopsychology, and the very evolution of life in order that you can become a healthier, more vital, more understanding, more relaxed, and more attuned Entrepreneur.

As being a successful Entrepreneur drains so much energy and vitality in the course of a day, a week, a month . . . YOGANIQUE™ will bring to you the habits of body and mind that can restore, re-energize, and preserve your vital life force (mana) for what is most important.

We realize that our vision for thriving communities, for a thriving planet, starts with YOU. Your Own Uniqueness. through YOGANIQUE™, our mission is to make a difference on this planet, one person at a time.
It is our intention to create a loving, attentive, and supportive community that assists you with developing a lifestyle plan that cleanses, regenerates, and strengthens you from the inside out so you can be your best in business. When the physical body is cared for and nurtured with healthy and wholesome eating, exercise, yoga, adequate rest, it thrives in a way that allows one’s inner radiance to emerge.

When the mind is also attuned to the patterns that cause us to overly worry, procrastinate, lose focus, get disheartened when things don’t seem to be going well, you can turn this off and tune this out with any number of techniques. Do this enough and you can develop a more positive outlook and approach that can keep your stress hormones from running the show and let you truly enjoy being an entrepreneur. Every day.