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Conscious Business

These days, everybody is talking conscious-this and enlightened-that. Does it even mean anything anymore? As much as we would prefer to stay away from overused buzzwords, we are going to stick to our guns on this one.

We do things differently.  From the cutting-edge collaborative way we run our company, to our guiding vision of greater good, to our established values of authenticity, integrity, and transparency, our conscious foundation affects how we do business, and who we choose to do it with. At the bottom line, we are a company who helps conscious entrepreneurs make more money than they ever dreamed was possible. And the way we do that is by retooling time-tested models from internet and traditional marketing for conscious business—every technique and tactic we use has to pass the Integrity Test, or​ we don’t use it.

Overall, we work from a big vision and a heart felt mission, and our goal is to create a new template for business that honors, respects and supports all of humanity.  Does that qualify as conscious business? We truly believe so.


If it’s related to building a successful product launch, we have it covered!

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Web 3.0

Intelligent Websites That Practically Run Your Business For You

It’s not enough to just be present on the web anymore—brochure websites don’t get people to the level you want to play on. You need true web PRESENCE, and that’s what enfusionize™ will masterfully create for you.

Web 3.0 lets your website have a conversation with your client, the same way you would in real life: You introduce yourself. They tell you what they need. You give them some great information and tell them how they can work further with you. They say “YES!”. Our sites are PROVEN to connect and proven to CONVERT.

We find out EXACTLY what the conversation looks like between you and your clients, then we bring it all online. We build your presence as unquestionable market leader and create a warm, honoring, personal relationship pathway that supports and sustains your clients from the very first touch through sale after sale.

Our Works

Some of our most recent Branding, Website and Launch projects...

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team enfusionize

High Power, High Integrity, High Vibration

Team Members

Collectively, team enfusionize™ has built hundreds of websites, sales funnels and membership sites, and earned many millions of dollars for our clients—all while maintaining our commitment to conscious business and social & personal responsibility. We have helped grow over a hundred businesses into 6- and 7-figure empires, including those of some amazing experts, thought leaders, and rockstar clients!

We come together to support you from Fortune 500 advertising agencies, international software companies, award-winning design firms, and the like. Our well-balanced expertise ranges from:

  • web development to personal development
  • high-level consulting to high-impact launches
  • social media to social responsibility
  • public speaking to speaking out
  • non-profit to impressive profit

Team enfusionize™ is the powerhouse that can build your INTENTION into REALITY this year.

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