Team enfusionize™ has a JV/Affiliate Partner Program we’d like you to consider joining.

We’ve put all the details together below for you to review. Basically, we’d like you to spread the word about our strategic coaching and implementation services, and in return, we will track how many referrals you send to us and commission you accordingly.

This is an opportunity we set up that will financially benefit everyone who engages with us.

If you think you may be interested, please review the Terms of Agreement document below. (It describes the who, what, and why we are doing this along with the particulars on commission offers.)

Please review it carefully, and if you want to pursue this affiliate relationship with us, let’s arrange to discuss it in more depth—with the intent of coming to an agreement.

Thank you for your interest and please know that whatever you decide, we totally value your connection to enfusionize™!

Inriel, Salvador Romero and the enfusionize™ Team

enfusionize™mission: enfusionize™ is a visionary, strategic Internet marketing and product launch implementation firm comprised of experts who know how to frame online projects. We can show you the big picture and chunk things down into meaningful, understandable tasks, systems, and processes that help you to “see” where you are and how to move ahead toward your goals.


If you are aligned with our mission, we invite you to become an affiliate! This means that we join in a mutually beneficial relationship whereby you help us to market our valuable educational material and opportunities to your clientele, AND we enable you to make money on sales.

Please consider partnering with us if you are:

  • Interested in providing opportunities for your clients to learn how to optimize their marketing efforts utilizing online sales tools and earning an income at the same time.
  • Involved in online marketing, sales, conscious entrepreneurship, coaching, and/or Social Media and have an email list through which you communicate on a regular basis, whether it be with newsletters, e-blasts, videos, etc.
  • Interested in sharing information with your clientele or email list about:
  • – strategies to engage their ideal customers and increase conversions.
  • – proven tools and techniques to optimize marketing systems to increase sales.
  • – techniques for repurposing assets in order to increase sales.
  • – how the bottom line and overall health of businesses is directly connected to personal health and performance levels.


There are several benefits to becoming an Affiliate with enfusionize™. You will be able to:

  • Provide your clients with great content produced by the enfusionize™ Team and EARN INCOME on sales at the same time.
  • Support your clients’ successes by recommending our proven success system and EARN INCOME at the same time
  • Serve your own bottom line by earning bonuses like free sessions on The Intelligent Web™ with us. (Or you may give your bonus to someone as a gift or benefit.)
  • Participate in conscious and sustainable business practices by partnering in order to serve a higher goal—to empower conscious business Entrepreneurs to thrive and serve others—and EARN INCOME at the same time.
  • You will earn EASY money by supporting something you believe in: assisting others to live in harmony with their passions and goals so that they can contribute with positivity and integrity to the world!


Our partner model enables you to earn commission on your clientele’s sales. Through our affiliate software system, it is easy for us to track these. To start earning commissions, all you have to do is sign up to be an Affiliate so we can track your referrals and commissions. (We utilize Infusionsoft.) You then offer our products and services to your list and respective networks, and anyone from your list who signs on earns you a commission, according to the terms listed below. It’s really just that simple.


enfusionize™ offers several comprehensive packages and options for clients, new and returning. All of our programs and products support business development, and we take great care to oversee the process for each and every client.

Our overarching goal is to support conscious business Entrepreneurs who have a social mission/purpose and speak the language of connection and empowerment that always engages their ideal clientele. Because we know you can assist us to reach more individuals, we welcome (and encourage!) your assistance.

Upon completion of the Affiliate Request Sign-Up Form in the link below, we will contact you within 48 business hours to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement; one that will earn you money and promote our stellar products and services.

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