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Imagine Having a Dedicated Team of People Helping to Build Your Business From the Ground up. Imagine No More. Our Collaborative Team Guides You From Inception & Strategy Through to Implementation & Launch of Your Online Business Offerings.

Join Forces with Us and Propel Your Offerings to the Stratosphere!

The Team
Collaborative Mastermind

We’ve worked with Internet celebrities like Mari Smith & Ted McGrath, health icons like David Wolfe, and Social Media conglomerates like BlogWorld, to best-selling authors and coaches like Shanel Cooper-Sykes and Brian D. Ridgway, iconic luminaries like Dr. Marc Gafni, Silicon Valley aces like Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell, transformational organizations like Coaches Rising and The Embodiment Conference . . . as well as countless other game-changing Entrepreneurs and business leaders across the globe to give them a radical outcome to their businesses objectives and true success.

And we are sure that we can support you!

What are you looking for in your business right now? What if we are just the “team” of people who can truly move your business in the direction you foresee, however, cannot get to right now? Our firm is on the forefront of what we call the Intelligent Web™. Each of our team members brings a unique brilliance into our collective Culture of Excellence, where we align with your company’s vision and assist you in creating outstanding measurable results.

Here is a quick fact check on us and transparent business model we adhere to that is tied directly to your success!

How do the members of our management team experience aid in your success?

From the top down to the core of your business development, we focus on results, not just by retrofitting your offers. We build structure, foundation, and solid architecture at every level of your marketing and technology stack and unify every aspect with an integrative approach readily available and adaptable by anyone in your organization. We have a clear focus on scaling companies & developing strategic positioning in the marketplace to reach your real-time objectives.

We also focus on the essentials such as High-level strategy and conversion copywriting, Brand/Engagement Specialization developing solid brand authority with a clear trajectory on solid automation/marketing and technology mechanics at your disposal.

When it comes to our customers’ problems and core constraints, how do we aim to resolve them?

Most of our clients come to us with enthusiasm tempered by chagrin, confusion & frustration because they are overwhelmed, underserved, and not sure exactly why they are not generating sales/profits. Their platforms are generally a mess and lack functional integrations where it matters most. We find they are missing a grounded, systematic and cohesive approach to framing their online business, and we fill that gap. We assess overall business goals & strategy and develop systems and assets to support business expansion. We launch them, measure, optimize and leave them with a stellar platform for scaling their business.

How exactly do our services and in-house product development serve you?

We offer High-Level Consulting/Coaching, Strategic Information Products, Software Development, and a whole host of about 150 readily available Web Services, and at your fingertips when necessary to engage.

Key benefits are identification of infrastructure, branding, direct response copywriting, technology builds, and integrations, alongside solutions to marketing limitations that constrain sales & revenue and overall business performance. We hone in on strategic opportunities to integrate systems, build up core assets, beautifully create conversion-driven design, implement strategies and deliver them systematically to market. Our clients benefit directly from our cohesive approach and attain desired results faster, easier, and better-than-expected.

Exactly how we define our target market so we can reach you?

Our preferred ideal clients are typically seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners who have had their go-around with many facets of building their business both directly and indirectly through other agencies or contract workers. They usually have somewhat of a dedicated team on hand. They have a clear working knowledge of online marketing, where their ideal audience is and actively target them, and have their niche nailed down. Ideally, they have minimum revenues of $500k-$ 5 million. They thoroughly understand & invest responsibly in marketing and other business acquisitions.

We strive to work with conscientious entrepreneurs, visionary speakers, coaches, authors, developers, and product developers who serve people with their products. Importantly, they have a tested & proven product/service, and in the spirit of honoring collaboration, they work well with a team. With all that being shared, we are flexible. We take on new businesses from time to time with an incredible offer that we cannot resist in assisting in building with them from the ground up, from scaffolding to scaling their new offers.

Why do we seek clients passionate about and playing a larger game in the online arena?

We seek out conscious business entrepreneurs who have a message mission & seek a MUCH more extensive audience. They seek to expand, often wanting precise strategic guidance & innovative solutions to some core constraint(s) ailing them from hitting the accelerator and scaling their core offerings. We support exponential impact for their great work via automated marketing tools & strategies and systematic solutions. Overall we consult, plan/strategize, execute, test/measure, and implement, always remaining aligned with their core objectives, and that is our sweet spot.

How do our typical client acquisition and retention strategies promote, sell, and create customer loyalty with our market offerings directly serve you?

We acquire ideal clients through organic posting, paid ads, word of mouth/referrals, JV’s & SEO. We are consistently building a reputation by leveraging existing client connections. We aim to overdeliver & provide high-quality technology/marketing tools/services to support loyalty & become our clients’ go-to source for marketing, automation & innovation. By curating & evolving best practices, we provide tailored strategies to implement & serve as a high-touch marketing firm serving our clients.

How do our strategies to build, deliver, and retain company value throughout our organization benefit you directly?

We’re developing intellectual capital around a whole host of integrated solutions that assist our clients directly Fast Track their business, no matter what stage of development they are presently in. One of these is our wheel of the “Intelligent Web,” whereby we utilized holistic best practices to curate optimal online experiences for businesses looking to SHIFT and accelerate to new levels.

Our in-house information products & software (in development), our training, webinars/podcasts, online courses & investment in our team & technology also keep us atop the innovation curve & impacts strategies, products, & solutions. Our services are framed within retainer models, coaching/consulting packages, product launches & tailored membership programs that best serve you where you are in REAL-time. Here is a sneak peek at some future & Upcoming plans: Facilitating Live events, destination launches, software dashboard solutions for running your business, and more.

How does having a competitive landscape enhance our strengths overcome any weaknesses to ensure you are the direct beneficiary?

The market is rife with web implementation firms and agencies galore. HOWEVER, few full-service boutique digital agencies focus on the wide gamut of online web services. Like branding, social media, conversion, copywriting, marketing/automation, technology builds, multi-media creation, info product creation, product launches & software development, and integrate them all holistically. We often find that our competitors (aka peers) specialize in fewer services, typically lack design, cannot automate, and likely have some strengths in conversions, coding, social media, or other web services.

But the bottom line here is that they are not a tenure agency like enfusionize™ with the street cred to back it up with over 500 projects under our belt.


What is our company’s competitive advantage (unique sharing proposition) in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape?

It can be summed up like this; we create and innovate an ever-evolving Intelligent Web. It is one of our signature brand assets–a full-spectrum success system (13 vital areas) for building & leveraging content & platforms and everything on/offline to support you in your great work wholly. It consists of high-level coaching/consulting with attendant services ranging from sophisticated marketing/automation/technology to original designs, becoming dedicated information products & software platforms integrating all things business online. Our one-stop-shop collaborative team of highly-trained experts uniquely transforms any project into a movement for change.

Some of our Signature Specialties:

Targeted Lead Generation Powered by Strategic Conversion Optimization™

  • Affiliate/JV Marketing
  • Automation Marketing
  • Brand Development
  • Business Coaching
  • Client Enrollment & Engagement
  • Conscious Business
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Copywriting (Direct Response)
  • High-Level Consulting
  • Holistic Systems Creation
  • Information Marketing
  • Infusionsoft | Ontraport | Hubspot
  • Intelligent Web™ Solutions
  • Integrity Marketing
  • M.A.P.P.™ (Marketing Automation Planning Process)
  • Marketing Automation
  • On-/Off-line Campaign Launches
  • Online Business Management
  • Optimized Sales Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Product Launches (end-to-end production)
  • Relationship Pathway Creation & Optimization
  • Sales Funnel Architecture, Development & Launch
  • SEO (Organic Search)
  • Social Media Marketing (Paid ads)
  • Software Development
  • Technology Solutions (Integrations, Builds, API, etc.)
  • Video Scripting
  • Website Development