The Most Aligned Business Success Model for Transformational-Driven Coaching, Utilizing a Unique Methodology for Socially Sharing and Selling Conscientiously Producing Stellar Results.
Transform Everything You Know About Making Profits Online!

Transforming profit levels is not just about re-configuring the bottom line. You have to change your ground game from deep within and re-tool from end to end. We have brought to life five perspective-shifting, life-changing business strategies for you to anchor into & integrate personally in order to attract and convert ideal clients. We guide & coach you through the best way to attain results from your CORE offering, connect with your ideal audience, establish true/lasting authority, and generate your desired results all on 100% autopilot. With Transformational Profits™, your perspectives will change, your ground game will shift and you get on the Fast Track to manifest & generate what you want and elevate your vision of what’s possible.

What constitutes the most aligned business model for transformation-driven coaches? How do we build these transformative growth structures from the ground up or integrate a new strategic approach along our coaching journey? First, lets’ cover some fundamentals and get into how we will best answer these questions.

We get into our pursuit of coaching and relationship building with others to serve others and better ourselves in the process as we all become better versions of ourselves. We often see opportunities to reach farther, further, and faster toward a more lucrative model in the coaching business and begin creating our unique framework bringing forward our zone of genius.

As we move along this path, invariably, there will be a mountain of obstacles, challenges, short-term gains, and long-term wins. The key is to have a specific Road M.A.P.P.™ and game-plan to overcome objections, whether from within or outside ourselves in terms of our clients or the business itself.


They form to create a transformation of perception in everything you do in life & business!

Be Principled
& Purpose-

Rise up & Define Your Place

what YOU are

Deploy: The Boomerang FORMULA™
Time, Energy
& Money

Thoroughly Commit to

Success in

The S.H.I.F.T. represents our symbolic movement and our journey toward Selling High-ticket offers that Ignites the Fast Track to our success one perfectly orchestrated connection at a time!

At the heart of Transformational Profits™ is The Boomerang Formula which is built on our foundational funnel conversion development platform FORMULA7™, which capitalizes on the successful implementation & deployment of the 5 SHIFT’s transforming results from the inside out. They in turn form to create the 3 essential pillars of a rock-solid & impactful coaching business that is built to last and truly stands the test of time, with the integrity & values you hold true…

These (5-Perspective S.H.I.F.T.’s) are essential to pivot you toward the ultimate thriving & impact driven business that feels EPIC..!

So, Why the 5 Perspective SHIFT’s model?

That’s easy. We’ve lived it! We live it! This process was born from the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur. It’s like the entrepreneur’s journey, we do too much for not enough return, we trust our client’s, and we deliver more than they want to, have the ability or understanding to pay for… I’m sure you’ve experienced some or all of this.

For us, all the pitfalls of being in business have given me the opportunity to reflect, analyze, and discuss with my team and colleagues why things didn’t work. Reflection is an ongoing thing, and failures, which I define as not getting the outcomes I was looking for, are the best ways to learn.

So, from this profoundly transformational and ongoing reflective process, the 5 perspective-shifting strategies came to life.

Now that we have synchronized these 5 and constructed the foundation through The FIVE PERSPECTIVE SHIFTS™ process we immediately apply this to deploying The Boomerang FORMULA™.


Essentially, it is connected to returning what you put out there.. And the best way to get results from your CORE offerings is webinar marketing.

Conversation marketing is the most powerful way to connect with your audience, establish your authority and generate massive returns on nearly 100% autopilot (essentially like having an evergreen perpetual launch in play each and everyday). WHEN done correctly and with the right sequence of elements in place, hence the FORMULA, the Boomerangs velocity reaches your target market perfectly positioning you, and the Boomerang is by nature designed to return to you so naturally it is set up to bring your Ideal audience directly to you, ALL while delivering MASSIVE value at every touch point…

You can THRIVE and transform your life in business with Transformational Profits™.


After constant innovation & over 15-years of strategizing with clients in hundreds of real-world simulations, we have completed the perfect framework that will revolutionize the way you deliver on any campaign.

Sometimes the toughest questions in life seem unsolvable, but then you find the ultimate solution & it's like finding a needle in a haystack. 3D™ (not a 2D wireframe or mindmap) has helped hundreds of our clients find their ideal solution tailor made for them.

This strategy is the one. Results are astounding, skyrocketing across the board. 🚀

We have PROOF POSITIVE that our distinct method works for purpose-driven digital marketers in any niche who have teams and audiences both large and small. So we KNOW that with this foundational blueprint you can analyze, plan, and build a top-of-the-line relationship funnel platform & sales system.

You are at the ONE place where future funnels & fascinating fortunes are M.A.P.P.’d™ out in exquisite intricate detail!

Since we meet you right where you are right now, you’ll feel secure in the knowledge that your next steps engage the appropriate tools at the right time to accelerate your progress.

M.A.P.P.’s™ are utilized for epic things like,

📌  Product launches & reverse engineering 

📌  Storyboarding complex marketing campaigns

📌  Structuring & monetizing multi-faceted ideas & programs

📌  Systemizing business (processes, technologies & daily workflow)

📌  Utilize as an all-in-one tracking dashboard to monitor all the interconnected complexities that run an online business

There are countless ways to maximize this approach. The sky's the limit with this strategy!

We’ve designed hundreds of different templates for any business situation, ready to go when you need them.

You require a heavy focus on high performance from streamlining to scale (and all the automating, integrating & accelerations inside). You require a high-powered solution to take you to the next level.