Architect the Pieces …

If you subscribe to digital marketing newsletters and follow trends in the marketplace, you are undoubtedly inundated with many promising marketing and sales tactics and strategies. With so much out there to read about and vet, it would be a wonder if you’re not having a hard time making decisions and scrambling to scale your [...]
Decision decisions

The importance of Analytics Intelligence...

When it comes to business data, the lifeblood of your online presence, dealing with the critical indicators of business performance is your job.  But how to know what to address first?  How to adjust your low click-through rates, or improve conversion rates on your sales page?  We can tell you right now, some of this […]

Who has time to organize

Who has time to organize?

It never seems to be the right time to think about organization within your business. That’s because it usually means putting work aside and just, well, organizing.  Who has time for that? It’s not as hard as you think to get a few systems in place, but then, I tend to be on the hyper-organized […]

And You Are Enfusionize

And you are . . . ?

Whether you are new to the business world or are an old pro, you want to make an immediate impression on potential clients. One way to accomplish this is through your business bio. Writing a bio can seem daunting to some who don’t like to talk about themselves.  On the other hand, you might relish […]

How to Tell Your Story

From Boring to Must-Have-More!

Have you ever been at a party and cornered by that person who believes that every event in his life has been noteworthy? And to boot, he is just sure that your life would be incomplete if you missed his detailed recounting? You pray your phone rings, or that someone comes over to change the […]

How to Write Well

How to Write Exceptionally Well

We’ve all taken English 101 and probably have forgotten more than we remember. Unless you write for a living, many dos and don’ts of writing slip our minds. Even those who write for a living rely on editors to catch errors in everything from punctuation to subject verb agreement. So when you decide to write […]

Consistency part3

Make It Consistent: Part 3

Consistency, when it comes to marketing, is about being reliable, trustworthy, recognizable and dependable. When you are consistent with your product, service, its delivery and the user experience, your customers start to develop confidence in and loyalty to your brand. Consistency is also the art of repeating what works. Repetition, repetition, repetition is often the […]


Optimization in the Age of Intelligence ...

Imagine yourself as the creator of a terrific product that is about to launch into the virtual marketplace. Your product, one that can ultimately assist people all over the world, is an original. You’ve spent several years and thousands of dollars on the research, you understand the ups and downs of launching a new product, […]

Age Of Intelligence

Social Discovery in the Age of Intellige...

It’s been over four decades since technology has provided the ability for individuals from across the world to communicate with one another through a computer.

Now, we think nothing of connecting with someone in France, Hong Kong, or Kenya from the U.S., or Hong Kong, or South Africa.

Soacial Infographic Banner (1)

The Effects of “Social Listening&#...

Social Intelligence™ is more than just understanding the place for your Brand among the millions of others online. It’s about the life of your Brand that involves effective storytelling, honesty, and the ability to encourage clients to consciously choose your Brand over another. When you’re a small fish in a veritable ocean of products and services, […]


The Target Audience: Who Gets Preferred...

Every Entrepreneur will offer products and services with some quality, price, and feature differentials that are designed to attract customers or clientele with certain profiles. We do that because the right alignment between what we have to offer and who is likely to buy it is absolutely critical to making sales. Take that alignment art […]

People to Play

Getting People to Play in Your Sandbox (...

It’s not just the fact that it’s sand that makes kids want to go to a sandbox; it’s the idea that inside that box, you can make a mess and explore. There will be toys in there and other kids to make a mess with. And then, of course, there’s the sand. So much fun […]

Oops! I Sent You a Fake Link!

I got this email in my inbox recently: Oops! Corrected Link for Live Broadcast REPLAY! Gee, it seems like people are having a hard time getting their information straight lately, I thought. Seriously, this was like the fifth error email in two weeks. Then, just a few days later, I came across some material from a respected, […]

Taking the Cake

The other day, I went to the grocery store, intent on buying a cake. After scanning the bakery counter a few times and finding inspiration, I set out to get all the ingredients to make my own cake at home. As I completed my shopping and checked out, doubts began to creep in, Would my […]

Saving Time & Making More Money wit...

Small businesses have a ton of pieces to manage: customer information and correspondence tracking, marketing materials, sales records, Facebook, Twitter, pay-per-click advertisements, sales teams, product distribution, and more. The system can be daunting and overwhelming if not managed properly! Infusionsoft provides a solution that restores order to the chaos and allows you to see the […]

Tips from Gen Y: Insta What?

Insta-What? Instagram. I will map this out as simply as possible. Instagram is an application compatible with iPhones and some Android phones. Through this application, users can share their photos in a photo stream that all of their friends/followers can see. You can share photos on other social media platforms and applications but Instagram has […]

Tips from Gen Y: Tackling Social Media

Is it bad that I find it humorous that the older generation is agonizing over every little detail of Social Media? “What Facebook picture will sell my product? Will product contests add to my ‘like’ count on Facebook? How can I persuade my clientele with only 140 characters on Twitter? How can I get followers […]

Your Wife Said What?

With social media, there are an infinite number of ways to get yourself into trouble. From what you say and who you say it to, to what you put out there on a privacy setting when private it is not — you can easily leave yourself vulnerable to judgement and condemnation by others.  Here’s a classic example:   […]