The Golden Roundtable is Where Legacy-Driven Entrepreneurs Evolve. This Uniquely Interwoven Mastermind is Where We Re-Envision Exactly what is Possible. It is the ONE place to Attain the Ineffable and Create Something Spectacular Like No Other!


Living life by Design & NOT by Default… At its’ core, YOGANIQUE™ is our way to assist you with reaching new peak horizons in your personal life and entrepreneurial vision, to make the sovereign connection in between them and create a unified bond that is impenetrable.

This fortress of innate wisdom coupled with inherent business intelligence is a powerful formula for guiding you to literally where no one has gone before, catalyzing the manifestation of your inner knowing and outer creation.

We have several key areas in identifying and assisting you in learning the signs of imbalance and disruption and finding more balance, vitality, enthusiasm, and energy to create an exquisite work of art, your activated and awakened dream!

There is a delicate delivery method for ensuring methodical results personalized to you. We begin with a central focus on evolving the Entrepreneur within while simultaneously assisting you in learning how to implement holistic wellness practices to fortify and anchor results. These can include how you experience nature and its elements to provide self-healing opportunities, connect with healers and nutritionists that can assist you in REAL-time, and join with others to explore what it means to have balance in your life.

These modalities are part & parcel in fully integrating and re/defining everything about who you are and ultimately where you want to go in this life. We are here to guide, support & provide any necessary tools to be sure you reach your final objectives.

First, we take you on a journey into the deeper elementals and profound guidance from ages past, where distant echoes still permeate our thoughts and give us insights into our present modeling of life. We then deep dive into things like accessing ancient yogic wisdom and disciplines understanding that your nutritional profile is beyond organic and superfoods. The next step is integrating healthy lifestyle practices designed from the ground up and tailored to you personally and unique living blueprints that you can customize in other areas of your life. These are just a few of the themes behind the Golden Roundtable Mastermind provided by your team here at YOGANIQUE™.

We are dedicated to awakening the excellence of your awareness to the intimate connection between nutrition, consciousness, biopsychology, and the very evolution of life. All of this, so that you can become a healthier version of yourself, more vital in every regard, more understanding of the dynamic forces of nature and the interplay that connects you to it, effortlessly more relaxed, and a more aesthetically attuned Entrepreneur.

As being a successful Entrepreneur drains so much energy and vitality in each and every day . . . the team here at YOGANIQUE™ will bring to you the vital habits of body and mind that can restore, re-energize, and preserve your vital chi/prana and mana, your life force triad, for what is most important. This kind of tabernacle of conscious support will uplift you to new areas of achievement and provide a stellar conduit for reaching legacy status in this life.

We realize that our vision for thriving communities and a thriving planet begins with YOU—Your Own Uniqueness. Through the lens of YOGANIQUE™, our mission is to make a difference on this planet, one person and one business at a time, ensuring they are holistically aligned and ready for the evolutionary and epic times to come.

We intend to create a loving, attentive, supportive, collaborative mastermind that assists you with developing an inner lifestyle plan that cleanses, regenerates, and strengthens you from the inside out, so you are always at your best in business. When the physical body is cared for and nurtured with healthy and wholesome eating, exercise, yoga, adequate rest, it thrives in a way that allows one’s inner radiance to emerge.

It seems simple; however, these basic protocols are crucial to engaging your mind, setting it fully into motion, reaching into the unknown, and forging your future, so we make a real concerted focus on the foundation here, which is your body.

When the mind is razor sharp and attuned to the patterns that cause one to overly worry, procrastinate, lose focus, get disheartened when things don’t seem to be going well, getting distracted never take hold. You can turn this off and tune this out with the techniques we will be sharing with you, which you will begin to apply immediately.

Practice this enough, and you will develop new mental muscles, a more passionate and positive outlook, and see things in ways that only you are adequate to decipher. A full-spectrum approach that will ensure your stress hormones from running your life and business are al(l)ways in check.

You have now arrived at the next entry point to create a life by design and not by default. The choices you make today will guide you toward crafting and creating the ultimate vision here on Earth. It’s time to enjoy being a living entrepreneur that is part destiny designer and a Next-Level achiever.


After constant innovation & over 15-years of strategizing with clients in hundreds of real-world simulations, we have completed the perfect framework that will revolutionize the way you deliver on any campaign.

Sometimes the toughest questions in life seem unsolvable, but then you find the ultimate solution & it's like finding a needle in a haystack. 3D™ (not a 2D wireframe or mindmap) has helped hundreds of our clients find their ideal solution tailor made for them.

This strategy is the one. Results are astounding, skyrocketing across the board. 🚀

We have PROOF POSITIVE that our distinct method works for purpose-driven digital marketers in any niche who have teams and audiences both large and small. So we KNOW that with this foundational blueprint you can analyze, plan, and build a top-of-the-line relationship funnel platform & sales system.

You are at the ONE place where future funnels & fascinating fortunes are M.A.P.P.’d™ out in exquisite intricate detail!

Since we meet you right where you are right now, you’ll feel secure in the knowledge that your next steps engage the appropriate tools at the right time to accelerate your progress.

M.A.P.P.’s™ are utilized for epic things like,

📌  Product launches & reverse engineering 

📌  Storyboarding complex marketing campaigns

📌  Structuring & monetizing multi-faceted ideas & programs

📌  Systemizing business (processes, technologies & daily workflow)

📌  Utilize as an all-in-one tracking dashboard to monitor all the interconnected complexities that run an online business

There are countless ways to maximize this approach. The sky's the limit with this strategy!

We’ve designed hundreds of different templates for any business situation, ready to go when you need them.

You require a heavy focus on high performance from streamlining to scale (and all the automating, integrating & accelerations inside). You require a high-powered solution to take you to the next level.