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Our Marketing & Technology Solutions Keep Your Company on Top of its Game. But That’s Not All. We Also Develop High-Level Strategies, Integrated Products, and All-in-one Solutions For All of Our Incredible Clients. Let’s Find Yours Together!

What We Do
Conscious Business

Founded in 2011, enfusionize™ is a full-service, boutique coaching, high-level consulting and implementation firm that specializes in serving conscious business Entrepreneurs, visionaries, and thought leaders supporting their great work creating impact, generating continual success as well as living to leaving a life of legacy for generations to come.

Since its inception, enfusionize™ has generated many tens of millions of dollars in sales between our internal business operations & our private client work like: product/business launches, information marketing courses, e-Commerce builds, and a whole suite of integrated online services that have proven to both optimize conversions & delivering stellar real time results without regrets, one relationship at a time.

Core Services

Strategic Marketing

We’ll get you as many quick and early wins as possible while setting up specific, long-term, scalable digital marketing goals. Each standard of measure applied is fully integrated with all others ensuring your long-term success. 

Social Media Marketing & Audience Engineering

Create and manage top-performing social campaigns. Begin developing meaningful and powerful engagement driven connections with your audience.

Web & Funnel Development

Your web presence has to impress your visitors within just a few seconds. If it runs slow or the messaging does not connect with your audience, it feels outdated or irrelevant. Follow a proven blueprint for designing your success.

Lead Generation

We can help you get more website/funnel traffic, more customers, and more online visibility with powerful conversion optimization techniques and overall messaging enhancements.

Conversion Optimization

 Build relationships that matter, while turning more site visitors into customers! Our experts utilize the latest Conversion Optimization techniques to enhance your online presence.

Automation Marketing

Align your messaging with your target audience, ascending through your marketing channels, and keep your customers coming back with easy, cost-effective, integrative automation marketing tools.

Our Mission

Being Conscientious is our Business

Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship will be a key to your long-term business success. As such, we appreciate all types of social missions that improve the living conditions of people and the community.

And at the same time, as we socially share, we initiate our audiences toward a relationship of communication and give natural credence to the offers presented, the missions we stand for and gives a voice to common goals we mostly share, which is a better place on planet Earth for us all!

Results Without Regrets
When partnering with enfusionize™, it feels really good to know that you can count on Results Without Regrets. We aim to leave everyone who interacts with your business feeling honored, respected, and inspired with each transaction, all while creating impact in the world AND increasing revenue, bolstering the bottomline while emboldening your purpose driven mission.
Everyone on Team enfusionize™ knows the value of being in the Zone; that’s why we collaborate! Each one of us contributes our best gifts, and together we create amazing results for our clients utilizing top notch communications protocols and technologies to master the art of delivery of your projects, on time.

Conscious Business

Conscious Business, in our way of conceiving—even defining it—comprises five main elements that distinguish enfusionize™ in the marketplace. These are about who we serve and how we service our clients as well as their businesses and, in turn, their ideal audience.

Personal Integrity & Your Zone of Genius

As we converge our personal values with our professional personas, we are ever more called forward toward a higher state of intention and fostering a unique way to both fully express our innate gifts, advantages we have, and the fundamental building blocks in our business we are bringing forth.

As we develop a stronger awareness around the fundamental principles of structuring our day-to-day with the awesome ability to fully express ourselves from a place of humility, connection, and generating conscious connection coupled with our inherent gifts, the magic stirs and the brushstroke of our design paints a picture truly worth a 1000 words. Live from your truth and express it accordingly!

Let’s be Amazing Together!™
This is how we show up together internally here at enfusionize™, and create an environment where we cultivate an active practice of being amazing together with all of our clients. We encourage everyone to adopt a similar slogan or practice of collaboration and our work together naturally ensures this becomes a part of your company culture.

We invite your to join our movement to bring all of your conversations from transactional to transformational and SHIFT to the Fast Track!™