What is the essence of successful online marketing for Entrepreneurs? It is engaging and compelling content that drives your readers to want more from you because they trust you, they like you, and they want to remain connected.


Track 1: Your Optimized Relationship
Funnel in Action!


  1. 1. Ideal Audience Attractor
  2. 2. Ideal Audience Engager
  3. 3. Initial Core Offering
  4. 4. Core Offering
  5. 5. Up-Leveled Offer
  6. 6. The Return Path
  7. 7. Referral Attractor


  1. Find Out
  2. Opt In
  3. Receive Value
  4. Main Offer
  5. Upsell
  6. Loop Arounds
  7. Attract Referrals

enfusionize™’s FORMULA7™ product is a seven-step holistic process for developing a high-converting, high revenue-generating Sales Funnel. We created it specifically for conscious business Entrepreneurs who prefer a no-hype, no-nonsense approach to marketing. This is for you if you are not completely comfortable with the sales process and prefer to conscientiously reframe the language that is utilized every day by marketers.

FORMULA7™ reframes the process of building relationships with your audience/tribe by relabeling, defining, explaining, and integrating a tight sales process starting with your first potential lead and ending with a highly loyal client.

Nothing about FORMULA7™ is difficult to understand. In fact, it’s relatively easy and straightforward to implement; however, it does take knowing the right things to say and do in the right sequence in order to have a successful system. That’s why it’s a formula and why we invite you to immerse yourself into Formula7™.

By engaging the intelligent frameworks within FORMULA7™, you are not only gaining access to a system but to a revolutionizing platform built from the ground up. So now you can stop playing by the antiquated, tried-and-true rules of online marketing and begin to reformulate your strategies and approach for a more impactful message and more targeted engagement with your ideal clients. This is the opportunity that Formula7™ provides. Allow it to take shape in and around your unique approach to conscious business.

You can THRIVE with FORMULA7™!