Persona Groups and Profiles for the Solo...

In the last article, we spoke about groups of persona profiles, how to identify these groups, and why it is an important consideration when building or rebuilding your website. In today’s article, we are going to talk specifically about a persona profile in a simple way that should be easy to comprehend. Persona profiles are […]

WordPress: Get Rid Of Comment Spam

Every website owner, writer or blogger has to deal with a massive amount of comment spam on a daily basis. There are a few ways that you can fix that problem, through WordPress settings, or through plugins that will do the job quite well. But if your blog receives many comments per day, you might […]

Persona Groups And Profiles For The Solo...

Persona groups and profiles can help us to build more client centric websites. What this means, is that every inch of our website represents the needs of the clients. This is accomplished by using their language and offering exactly what they are looking for. Persona groups and profiles can help one to determine exactly what […]

5 Facebook Timeline Apps that Will Bust ...

If you are too busy to develop your own Facebook timeline app or if you don’t have the skills to do so, there may be a simple solution. Perhaps you still want to provide more interaction and implement cool ways to keep your fans engaged. The ready-to-use third party applications are a good way to […]

Creating Persona Profiles

It is really easy to create a persona profile. To get the most out of this article, please read our previous profile persona articles, that way you can understand everything from the beginning. Here are the links: Persona Groups And Profiles For The Solopreneur Part 1 Persona Groups And Profiles For The Solopreneur Part 2 […]

What You Should Do Before Creating Group...

What You Should Do Before Creating Groups of Persona Profiles On previous posts, we discussed the reasons why you should think about creating groups of persona profiles for your business, and how they work. In today’s article, we are covering what you can do before that to get started with creating groups of persona profiles. […]

Branding Your Brilliance

Some years ago, I had an amazing experience with a small group of 7 other high-level, practice-building, heart-centered coaches committed to serving humanity in extraordinary ways. During a breakout session, I asked a gentleman in our group whether he also did Personal Branding with his clients. What he said surprised me. He mentioned the term […]

Now Entering Zone of Genius

Have you ever worked with a team (self-selected or appointed) where things gelled exactly when it mattered most? What about that experience made it work? In college, I took an upper-division collaborative art class, and for one of the assignments, our group had to create a functional boat made of cardboard … that would also […]

Six Fundamental Keys to Boost Email Mark...

Email marketing covers different aspects of online communication, such as design, branding, HTML, and Internet technology. But the most important part of your email marketing strategy will be, guess what? The content. You know, even the most beautifully crafted email marketing campaign won’t mean anything if it doesn’t bring a compelling message that communicates correctly. […]

Getting People to Play in Your Sandbox (...

It’s not just the fact that it’s sand that makes kids want to go to a sandbox. It’s the idea that inside that box, you can make a mess and explore. There will be toys in there and other kids to make a play with. And then, of course, there’s the sand. So much fun […]

Podcast Marketing

Podcast Marketing 101 Series – Intro

Do you think your services would be a good fit for a podcast marketing strategy? Many companies don’t realize that they can get even closer to their clients by creating their own podcast or online radio. The first question you need to ask yourself is: What are the topics my clients are longing for? If […]

UX User Experience Tips: Is Your Website...

Many people think that just because a website is built and running online, all they need to do is to create tons of content filled with keywords. They forget (or don’t know) how important it is to plan their websites based on user experience. Before designing and create content for your website, it is important to consider, […]

Five Tips to Improve Google+ Business Pa...

As Google+ launches their Google+ Business, it is evident that many people will want to explore what it has to bring in terms of business improvements and innovation. One big reason that business should be joining Google+ is because of the possibility of improving search ranks on Google. But more than that, it will bring great interactions between company and […]

5 Keys to More Productive Meetings

Every time we start a new project, there are a few key things to remember. The protocol is: we want to discuss an ongoing task, to check how our team is working together, or sometimes just to see how the development of the company is unfolding, and we usually resort to the usual traditional meeting. But […]

Screencasts: Usage and Tools

Screencasts are a great way to educate your customers. Let’s say you would like to teach them how to use a certain website or a certain software your company uses; this is simple to do just by recording screencasts. It shows that you care about their learning by providing an easy way for them to […]

Is this YOUR YEAR for True FREEDOM and A...

Congratulations on what you have created so far! The money is coming in, and you are really bringing your gifts to the world. It’s exciting and inspiring! The view is great from this vantage point, but it’s still a long way to the top. You may be starting to feel kind of worn-out and overwhelmed […]

The Target Audience: Who Gets Preferred ...

Every Entrepreneur will offer products and services with some quality, price, and feature differentials that are designed to attract customers or clientele with certain profiles. We do that because the right alignment between what we have to offer and who is likely to buy it is absolutely critical to making sales. Take that alignment art […]

The Evolving Web Intelligence

The Evolving Web Intelligence™ and Its...

The Intelligent Web™ is not so much a thing as a series of systems and processes for designing easy-to-navigate websites (and all online web properties) that connect with, convince, and convert audiences. They also are able to make loyal, even raving fans out of your visitors and customers. It’s not only that intelligent websites are […]