5 Facebook Timeline Apps that Will Bust Your Facebook Page

Information Marketing

If you are too busy to develop your own Facebook timeline app or if you don’t have the skills to do so, there may be a simple solution. Perhaps you still want to provide more interaction and implement cool ways to keep your fans engaged. The ready-to-use third party applications are a good way to get going with your Social Media marketing.

It can be overwhelming to think about which Facebook timeline apps we should be using for our Social Media marketing campaigns. That is why we have listed here five applications that will bring more spark to your Facebook page and hopefully provide some ideas to create a better interaction between your company and your clients.

Create More Visibility with Video Apps

It is a great idea to create videos for your marketing campaign and make them available on your Facebook page. There are many applications that can do it for you, but there are two that we would like to suggest.

The first is the Ustream app where you can stream events and other important occasions in real time. This is a great way to interact with your clients through webinars, events, or any other activity that your company is broadcasting.

Another great plugin is the YouTube Video Gallery from AppAddictive. It allows you to display a list of YouTube videos pulled by your account. You can write a great description and increase interaction by enabling comments on the Facebook page.

Facilitate Client Communication with Contact Forms Apps

The Contact Tab app will make it simple for your clients and fans to contact you. Imagine if someone got to know about your business through a Facebook page, maybe a friend liked a Facebook post or recommended it to someone. Now prospects won’t have to look for your website to start any sort of contact; with this app, they can do it directly from your Facebook page.

Share eBooks, White Papers and Keep Your Fans Informed

The Scribd app is an amazing tool to share your latest informational and educational material on your Facebook page. You can upload and make available for your fans reports, eBooks, mini eBooks, informative white papers, and any other form of written content. This document sharing app will allow you to upload PDFs, docs, power point, and JPG files. Your fans will love the idea.

Want to Bring Your Online Store to Your Facebook Page? No Problem!

ECWID website has developed the Store on Facebook app that will create a full online store, like any other one we see on the web, but inside your Facebook page.

The Store on Facebook app provides many options for secure payments including PayPal,, and Google Checkout.

On the developer’s website, you can find many forms of support on how to set up and run your own online store inside your Facebook page. See the site.

Do you know any other app that will do the same trick? Let us know on the comments below! We would like to hear from you!




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