Persona Groups and Profiles for the Solopreneur – Part 2

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In the last article, we spoke about groups of persona profiles, how to identify these groups, and why it is an important consideration when building or rebuilding your website. In today’s article, we are going to talk specifically about a persona profile in a simple way that should be easy to comprehend.

Persona profiles are fictional users that represent all the characteristics of the ideal client for your products or services. Even though we can use some guesswork during the persona profile process, the criteria for identifying your ideal persona is, in fact, based on a study of your target audience.

What Problems do You Solve? You need to have an accurate marketing analysis of who will be buying your product or contracting your services. First of all, you need to have in mind what problems you solve and for whom. Is it male, female, or both? What is the ideal age?

What Are the Key Groups? Again, all these questions must be answered based on the solutions you offer and who is most likely to be interested in them. Then, you will want to identify the key groups inside your target. An example would be if you are running a counseling/coaching program specifically for women.

As discovered in the previous article, “Profile Groups and Personas Article Part 1,” Anne, our career counselor, has 5 groups of potential clients. These groups are called the Profile Groups. Inside each group, she can identify different persona profiles that will be crucial for determining how to communicate based on specific needs of each group. Let’s have a look:

  • Group One: Single women who want to find a job
  • Group Two: Single women who want a career change
  • Group Three: Married women who want to get back to professional work
  • Group Four: Single moms who want to work from home

In each group, she will create fictional characters who will mirror conditions and behaviors of real users. She will start by creating a database of “fake” people who will serve as a starting point to understand the real needs of her clients.

She will need to identify the personalities that are most likely to look for her help and address problems that real people might be facing. It can be done by analyzing her actual clients and looking for the most common problems each group is facing.

If she is new to the business, she can interview as many people as she can, including friends, colleagues, or hire a market research company.

Let’s say she is defining personas for Group One. They are single women who want to find a job. Their age doesn’t really matter in this case, but it is important to know that there is a difference between single women with no children and single or married women with children, and she will need to write different articles and different sections on her website to each one of these persona profiles.

Let’s suppose that Anne wants to create an inspirational video series where she can give important insights to her target audience. It is much more effective if she speaks with the personas from Group One and creates different series for each group of profiles, rather than just speaking generally.

It will help Anne to stand in her clients’ shoes, so that she will know exactly what to say. She might narrow her Funnel, but at least she is more likely to be talking to a more qualified and selective audience.

How to Create Profile Personas:

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