Persona Groups And Profiles For The Solopreneur Part 1

Information Marketing

Persona groups and profiles can help us to build more client centric websites. What this means, is that every inch of our website represents the needs of the clients. This is accomplished by using their language and offering exactly what they are looking for.

Persona groups and profiles can help one to determine exactly what to write and helps to ensure that your website will speak the same language your clients are using. That is why many businesses are investing time to develop a strategy based on groups of “customer personas and profiles”.

Profile groups and profile persona in action:

By creating archetypes, you can develop a better user experience based on the potential behaviors and tastes your ideal audience has.

For example, if you have a coaching company, you might use profile personas to identify the right keywords that will highly rank your website. With the use of persona profiles, you can write a very specific copy that sells.

The First step in the creation of persona profiles is dividing your audience into groups. You can call it “the persona’s groups”. See the example below to learn how it works:

Anne is a career counselor who wants to build a website that will speak directly with her target audience. She has decided that her website will contain one individual page for each group of potential clients she wants to work with. See Anne’s persona groups:

  • Single women who want to find a job
  • Single women who want a career change
  • Married women who want to get back to professional work
  • Single moms who want to work from home

As you can see, Anne has identified five potential groups. She could have even extended her services to attend to male clients but, as she wants be very specific, she is narrowing her target to women only.

Her specificity is very important because she is able offer a better service, as she spends her time to help one specific group over and over again. This demonstrates to the reader or client that she must know everything about that particular group.

If you are a solopreneur, the more you narrow your niche, the greater chance you have of being successful when communicating with your target. That is why persona profiles are an excellent idea.

You might be asking yourself, why would you limit the options of your website visitors when you could be much more general and write a copy that will serve as a “one size fits all”?

The question here is not, “How can I be target as many people as I can?” But rather, “How will I talk with someone who is looking for what I am offering in a very personal and clear way?”

That way your clients can identify themselves as a perfect match to the services your are providing, and will elect you as their hero.

It will create in them an urgency to talk to you because you have the exact solution they are craving for.

After identifying the groups of persona, Ann needs to identify and study the profiles that will come from each group. But this will be a scene for the next chapter.

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