WordPress: Get Rid Of Comment Spam

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Every website owner, writer or blogger has to deal with a massive amount of comment spam on a daily basis. There are a few ways that you can fix that problem, through WordPress settings, or through plugins that will do the job quite well.

But if your blog receives many comments per day, you might want to adopt another option that will save time. That’s why we selected three great plugins that will help you to get rid of any undesired comment spam.

First option is:

TypePad Comment AntiSpam

This is a free comment anti-spam option recommended for any type of use, be it personal or commercial, regardless of how many comments you receive (as they mention on their website). It has an intelligent system that recognizes returning spam comments, and if you receive any unwanted comments, you can simply tag them as unwanted and be sure that you will not receive any other comment from that sender.

The second option is:

Bad Behavior Comment Anti Spam

This anti comment spam claims to work as a gatekeeper that prevents spammers from delivering their messages. It also claims to hide your web sites from the spammer’s eyes so you won’t even be bothered by those inconvenient friends! And they promise more benefits, such as a shorter web site loading time, clean site logs, and prevention of other problems caused by spam.

The third option is:

NoSpamNX Comment Anti Span

NoSpamNx claims not to use any javascript code, cookies, sessions or captcha system, which is an excellent option to keep your WordPress code clean.

The anti comment spam is very clever because it adds extra fields to your actual contact form that are not visible to human visitors. If those fields are somehow filled, it means that the comment came from spam bots. It sounds great.

Make sure you save time by preventing the appearance of comment spam. These three plugins are great options that will do the trick for you. For more articles, tutorials and videos, subscribe to Enfusionize newsletter or make sure to find us on Facebook.




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