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If you subscribe to digital marketing newsletters and follow trends in the marketplace, you are undoubtedly inundated with many promising marketing and sales tactics and strategies. With so much out there to read about and vet, it would be a wonder if you’re not having a hard time making decisions and scrambling to scale your business. If so, you’re not alone.You’re also more than

likely to be overwhelmed with million-and-one things to manage as you run your online business, like:

  • making sure you have a stream of potential clients in the pipeline
  • creating and managing ads
  • pushing sales
  • implementing your social media strategy
  • finding the time to work on streamlining

 and in your spare time dealing with existing clients, making time for coaches you may be working with, and resourcing solid guidance and direction from your trusted fellow entrepreneurs and professionals.If you’re exhausted, frustrated, and feel like your business is driving you — instead of you driving it straight toward your revenue goals — we understand. We’ve been there, too.  After extensive time and resources invested in researching what systems and processes to put into place and optimize, we’ve overcome the pain and frustration from testing things that didn’t get traction, utilizing integrations that didn’t work smoothly enough, and spending countless hours grinding it out without reaping the financial rewards we were aiming for. With arduous trial and error, we found it’s important not only to understand and selectively deploy the right tools but also to take the time to design a completely interconnected, gamified UX along with the smooth pathway to purchase. That’s scalable. This is ginormous! We always worked on the front end to drive sales, but now we’ve also masterfully designed the systems and formulas for recapturing those people who fall out of funnels, who don’t buy (you retarget), or who–unbeknownst to you–are looking for something else altogether (you cross-sell).  If you’ve not heard of us before, or just don’t know much about us, we want you to know that we’ve got numerous years of on-the-ground and in-the-game experience and a remarkably talented team in place. Here at enfusionize™, we’ve mastered the art of creating the holistic systems–end-to-end automations–we’re talking about with our impeccable fusion of automation marketing solutions!Ok, so we’re not exactly perfect, but we’re all perfectionists here, and we get to that impeccable fusion sooner rather than later so your business benefits.We have PROOF POSITIVE that our methods work for purpose-driven digital marketers with audiences both large and small — and in any niche.  If you are tired of spending time agonizing over what to do next, we’re offering a really cool Masterclass right now. It’s aimed at letting you uplevel your business acumen and laser-focus your intention in your business through a MAPPing process (see below). No More Chaos. No More “What do I do next?” uncertainty. In this value-packed Masterclass, we’ll walk you through what we do and you’ll see the processes and tools we apply to our high-level clients. Our perspective-shifting, revolutionary Marketing Automation Process & Plan (MAPP) method assists you to focus on exactly what matters most in your business and when to do what! Automation is, after all, about sequencing, mapping, and tracking behavior with smart software.After we demonstrate our process, you will come away with our foundational blueprint that you can utilize to analyze, plan, and build a top-of-the-line sales system for yourself.Also during this Masterclass presentation, you will see how the parts weave seamlessly together (and this does get complicated) to create a system that will enable you to:

  • clearly see the elements of a marketing funnel and how they fit together
  • discover how important it is to work with the data you already have
  • see what it takes to build an automated marketing/sales system that runs itself
  • realize you can create “earned” time instead of spending it all on your business
  • cut the umbilical cord of debt / financial stress from your business/life for good
  • move swiftly toward the lifestyle you dream about and work for daily.

You are going to experience several block-busting epiphanies. AND with our FREE, revolutionary M.A.P.P. blueprint in hand that you’ll customize to your business (we architect from there), you’ll be empowered. You’ll have the data in hand that tells you what you’re missing . . . so you can stop scrambling and deftly manage your next steps. YES!The best thing about how we do what we do is that we meet you right where you are. Right, where you are is your launch pad; and from there we show you what to do to build a system that’s in line with your revenue goals. While this is not rocket science, it usually gets complex.The good news is that you have it within your power to evolve your business from the slow pulse of “just getting by” (or going along a nice clip) to a dynamic flow of 5-,6- even 7-figure opportunities — just like the greats do.  If you got this far, you’ll probably get a lot of intel from the presentation. Our Masterclass is for those of you who are absolutely ready to dramatically shift your business to the Fast Track. JOIN here to learn what it takes to next-level, automate, and scale your business.Beyond the presentation, we introduce to you our collaborative mastermind approach. Our work with clients allows everyone’s area of expertise to shine AND, in the spirit of learning by bringing new knowledge into active practice, we have designed the Digital Dojo™ as the place where our learning happens.

At enfusionize™, our Digital Dojo™ is the home of “Cyber Sensei” — our master of the digital domain who envisions where you must go to achieve your CORE objectives. Working with you directly, Cyber Sensei and the enfusionize™ team directly assist you to shape your meta-view regarding how to achieve your objectives. That is accomplished tactically and comprehensively through our revolutionary™ approach. As the great ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” And that’s our goal with you — to M.A.P.P. where you aspire to be from right where you are, right now. We know that when we do things in this way, you’ll feel secure in knowing where your next steps are leading. You’ll see the appropriate tools applied that will accelerate your progress. Imagine finally having groundbreaking clarity on exactly where you want to be in your business and having your very own personal Cyber Sensei {AKA Inriel} coach you on how to accelerate progress on your path to mastery!That’s the promise of the Digital Dojo™. Guided by your “great work” in the Dojo, you can venture forth with a rock-solid business platform that is automated.
JOIN here now to learn what it takes to next-level, automate, and scale your business.




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